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JournoList lives!

And it’s defending Planned Parenthood.

On a conference call with bloggers convened by Media Matters for America with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Vice President Stewart Schear, I got a little tip into where Lila Rose, who leads the right-wing sting group Live Action, gets some of her funding. Quite a rogue’s gallery, it would seem.

Yadda yadda yadda. That first paragraph is all you need to know.  George Soros’ minions at Media Matters have organized Planned Parenthood’s defense and a whole slew of left-wing bloggers are on the case. Behold, the vast left-wing conspiracy. Gail Collins at the Times, and every single other “progressive” blogger, columnist or journalist who opines on this subject is to be suspected of having been on this call and taken its orders from Planned Parenthood, an organization that may soon find itself at the center of a multi-state investigation.

Side note: To see Cecilia Richards on the defensive and conspire in paranoia with others is delicious. For a few years now, Richards (who is the daughter of the late Ann Richards) has led a left-wing outfit in Texas called the Texas Freedom Network. That nasty little group has been savaging conservatives, particularly on the State Board of Education, largely unchallenged. Most of what you hear in the national media regarding the SBOE originates with TFN or one of its many well-funded allied left-wing groups. The media, particularly the Austin-based political press corps, takes TFN’s smears practically as if they’re holy writ, and seldom identifies TFN as the left-wing front that it is. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, and Richards finds herself under an attack that might well bring her pet project down.

Delicious. And well deserved.

Update: Regarding the media taking left-wing spin as if it’s received wisdom, this is the kind of garbage I’m talking about.