Quick! Get the White House to invest in some foreign press subscriptions...

From the Globe and Mail:

Austerity pulling plug on Europe’s green subsidies

The Spanish and Germans are doing it. So are the French. The British might have to do it. Austerity-whacked Europe is rolling back subsidies for renewable energy as economic sanity makes a tentative comeback. Green energy is becoming unaffordable and may cost as many jobs as it creates. But the real victims are the investors who bought into the dream of endless, clean energy financed by the taxpayer. They forgot that governments often change their minds.


Funny, I thought I just heard something about how we need to spen…sorry, invest…many (more) billions because these things are just super.

Possibly that last sentence has something to do with the panicked push for Uncle Sucker to do this, too, bailing out some bursting bubbles. Come to think of it, I did see the German Embassy buying full-page ads in the WSJ, and Deutsche Bank’s practice group head on a media blitz talking his own book around the same time…


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