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One Way to Save Money: Abolish the State of the Union

Everyone seems to be looking for ways to save money these days even, of all people, Barack Obama — he’s paying lip service to it anyway, while inventing new ways to spend — so I have my own humble suggestion: Abolish the State of the Union address. Think of all the cash that’s being wasted on this litany of platitudes – all the limos and film crews, all the tedious commentary.

And about what? Never in my life can I recall hearing a good SOTU – can you? – and we certainly didn’t have one tonight. Besides if the President has anything of import to say, he can commandeer a TV crew on a moment’s notice. Heck, this President’s never off television. So abolish SOTU or at least suspend it for a couple of years and see if we miss it.

Side benefit: No more Sheila Jackson Lee.