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Obama SOTU: WTF (?)

Those initials have two meanings in this post.  One, it’s from Obama’s speech tonight, which he’s calling Winning the Future.  If that sounds familiar, it should: Newt Gingrich put that title on his 2005 book.  The other, you can figure out for yourself.

That’s not all.  Check this out: In 2008, Obama released a campaign web video called American Stories, American Solutions.

Newt Gingrich’s 2007 PAC: American Solutions for Winning the Future.

Liberals, how does it feel to know that your president is apparently nicking his lines from the *Republican you hate the most?

As long as he’s stealing stuff

*Obviously I erred.  Gingrich once held that title, but in 2001 it passed to George W. Bush and has now passed to Sarah Palin.  I regret the error.