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Video: Texting woman falls in mall fountain

It’s a cautionary tale on the dangers of burying your face in your phone.  And it’s a viral star on YouTube, with two separate posts of the clip each getting nearly 2 million hits and several others picking up tens of thousands of views, and the fall seen ’round the world now may be coming to a courtroom.  Her complaint seems to be that no one came to her aid, and now everyone’s laughing at her fall.  To the first, the video shows that she got right up and went on her way, so what aid did she need?  To the second, everyone was laughing at an unidentified woman.  Now that she’s come forward on her own to sue, yeah, everyone’s laughing at her.

Lawyers in the audience – does she have a case?

Update: Yeah, coming forward to sue was a real good move.

The Reading woman who became an Internet sensation by falling into a fountain while sending a text on her cell phone was in Berks County Court on Thursday for a status hearing on theft-by-deception and related charges.

Cathy A. Cruz Marrero, 49, was charged in October 2009 for using a co-worker’s credit cards to make more than $5,000 in purchases at two local stores.

But $1,055 of those purchases were dismissed from the case in previous hearings.

She also has several theft cases and a hit-and-run charge on her record.