The Faux Tequila Party

The Chicago Tribune editorial lede tantalizes:

Many Latinos have grown frustrated by the failure of Democrats and Republicans to craft a comprehensive reform of national immigration policy. Those disaffected voters may have a new home: the Tequila Party, an independent, grassroots effort designed to mobilize Latinos much as the tea party movement has seized on the anger and frustration of fiscal conservatives.


Hang on a sec… grassroots efforts are not, by definition, “designed.” They spring up from the ground all on their own, like, uh, something I can’t quite remember. Anyway, let’s read the next sentence and see what’s really going on:

The Tequila Party remains more an idea than a movement, but you can imagine the possibilities if it were to take off.

“Imagine?” Oy. The Tequila Party will go the same way as the Coffee Party, The Other 95% and No Labels.


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