Texas Delegation to vote as a bloc in RNC ballot

Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Texas GOP, issued a statement late Thursday regarding how the Texas delegation will vote for the next RNC chair on Friday.  According to the statement posted on the party’s web site, Chairman Munisteri, Texas National Committeeman Bill Crocker, and National Committeewoman Borah Van Dormolen, will vote as a bloc.  Chairman Munisteri:


Saul Anuzis is a candidate that we are all comfortable with. I am convinced he is a movement, grassroots conservative who has demonstrated exceptional fundraising and organizational abilities as former Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Thus, tomorrow on Friday, January 14th, all three of us have committed to vote for Saul Anuzis, when the vote for RNC Chairman is held.”

The statement cites Anuzis’ proven fundraising abilities and his grassroots acumen.  Crocker and Van Dormolen had previously declared their support for Anuzis.  Munisteri, who in six months as chairman has helped erase a decade of debt for the Texas GOP and led the party into the black, had not yet declared.


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