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Saudi Arabia

Schumer cites "propagation of Wahhabism" and fear of weapons falling into wrong hands in voting against sale.
Qatar denies charges, says others "conveniently" ignore terrorism support of their Mideast accusers.
Has she literally gone insane?!?
Terror group says Saudis paying a jizya to America while that money should be distributed to people.
Saudi FM slams "very bigoted positions" on Islam that let terror groups "recruit psychopaths."
It was manly.
"I'll probably have to stop here in just a few moments."
McMaster: President visiting Western Wall "to connect with three of the world's great religions."
Trump and crown prince discussed joint plans to create a million U.S. jobs, White House says.
"Instead of being thankful to the United States," says national security advisor, "Iran is now feeling emboldened."
White House pins wording of travel block on Congress as senators say it wasn't vetted.