[WATCH] Comedians Mock Joe Biden on Saudia Arabia TV

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Every so often, if we watch closely enough, both our friends and our enemies will tell us what they truly think of the U.S. This time the truth appeared in an SNL-like Studio 22 comedy skit shown on Saudia Arabia’s government-owned television network. Australia’s Sky News reported that “the big takeaway from the skit was how much Joe Biden’s cognitive ability was mocked.”


In the one-minute comedy skit, a fake Kamala Harris is forced to constantly redirect and correct a clearly befuddled fake Joe Biden. She even has to keep Biden awake during his presidential address and remind him she isn’t the first lady but actually the vice president. Meanwhile, in between standing naps, Biden confuses Russia with China and Africa.

Biden’s cognitive decline is no secret in the U.S. Several Republicans and even some Democrats have called for Biden to take a cognitive test—the same cognitive test Democrats demanded former President Donald Trump take—but now we can see other countries have noticed it as well. Trump took the cognitive test and passed with flying colors. Why won’t Biden agree to take one? Perhaps because his team knows he wouldn’t pass it?

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And if our friends recognize Biden’s decline, we can be sure our enemies do as well, yet there wasn’t one single solitary article written in the MSM about this mocking skit. Why is that? Perhaps they know it hits too close to home? We can rest assured that had this skit mocked President Trump, they would’ve written dozens of articles and had so-called comedians like Joy Behar would have dissected its comedic brilliance.


Frankly, the only thing Studio 22 got wrong with the skit is that they made VP Kamala Harris seem way more competent than she really is. It’s more likely that instead of deftly guiding POTUS back on track, she’d probably cackle maniacally like a demented Shakespearean crone during an evil deed and then break into an incomprehensible word salad of a speech while Biden slumped Weekend at Bernie’s-style in the background. We can only hope they’ll get it right on the next skit.

Watch the Studio 22 skit below:

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