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The breeder source of the infected hedgehogs has not been identified, but the outbreak strain was pinpointed in three hedgehogs in two Minnesota homes.
PETA got me talking about them, so I guess they win. Except that now I want to eat nothing BUT dead beasts.
Some of the big boys in the frog world can be fed well in captivity and achieve great growth without a live creepy-crawly in the house.
Agency corrects report on chicken costumes, but still advises against kissing birds as they trace multi-state, drug-resistant salmonella outbreak.
HSUS accused of deceiving pet-loving donors; HSUS charges accuser only helps companies that profit from the mistreatment of animals.
Should dogs be on planes?
Keep your kids safe: Don't get them a pet turtle.
Court-ordered pet mutilation or warranted peace and quiet?
From giant shrimp to a little orange crayfish or jumping butterfly fish, these tank-dwellers steal the spotlight.
"It looks like a very smart dog to me."
Things are a little less ruff at his department.
Monk corrects the media: "Friar Bigotón" was not a stray, but he remains the cutest "monk" in South America.