Crazy New Tongue Brush Lets You 'Lick' Your Cat

Video Screenshot from LICKI Brush Kickstarter page.

Do you ever wish you could give your cat some feline attention? Tired of petting, holding, feeding, and caring for your cat like a pet owner? Try LICKI Brush, the new crazy synthetic tongue that lets you love your cat — in her own language.


This niche product not only provides a new way to love your cats; it also offers constant hilarity and amusement for all the rest of us. It’s a win-win, as cat owners look silly but may really get a kick out of this new toy.

“Have you ever wanted to lick your cat? Now you can, without the fur balls,” says a woman on the promotional video. Hilarity ensues, as a grown man — complete with beard — puts the brush in his mouth and starts “licking” his cat.

“Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding,” the voiceover explains. “As a human, you’re left out of this intimate ritual” — that is, until LICKI Brush! And as a bystander, I was left out of the intimate ritual of laughing my head off at someone using this brush. “With LICKI Brush, you can now lick your cat back,” and enjoy the endless hilarity of watching your friends and family members engage in this “intimate ritual.”


LICKI Brush is a kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $36,500 in order to produce a new good for cat owners. As of Tuesday, it has 993 backers, with $25,639 pledged, and 26 more days to go.

The success of LICKI Brush will not just bring cat owners a new way of pampering your pet — it also promises to provide endless amusement for all their friends and family members. For the common hilarity of humanity, please consider supporting this crazy fun project. Think of the laughs of future generations!

Check out the official YouTube video for LICKI Brush on the next page!


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