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nuclear threats

"Many of the most harmful effects caused by electromagnetic incidents occur within milliseconds or seconds," notes new government strategy.
North Korea has said they'd like to see Trump come meet Kim in Pyongyang; Pompeo said he couldn't answer whether that proposal has been ruled out.
The secretary of State wouldn't talk about the state of the negotiations, but said "the fundamental principles remain the same."
"Low-yield weapons would only draw us further into an unnecessary nuclear arms race and increase the risks of miscalculation.”
"In the meantime I would like to send my warmest regards and respect to Chairman Kim. I look forward to seeing him soon!" Trump tweets.
Biegun "will lead negotiations and spearhead diplomatic efforts with our allies and partners"; will head to Pyongyang with Pompeo next week.
Iran's foreign minister says U.S. goal "is to psychologically affect our nation and to affect the psychological vibe of our trade partners."
Defense secretary tells reporters in response to Aussie report that "nothing has changed for us" on defense policy toward Iran, and there's no regime change plan "that's been instituted."
IRGC commander responds to tweets: "You should know that there is not even a single night that we don't think of destroying you."
GOP congresswoman: "The administration may allow human rights to fall on the priority list, but ...we have demonstrated that we will not allow human rights conditions in North Korea to go ignored."