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Ivey, who became governor after Robert Bentley resigned as the result of a sex scandal, called Todd’s accusation “beyond disgraceful.”
Even if a felony charge is not re-filed, Missouri lawmakers could still vote to impeach Greitens solely on the testimony of the woman involved in the case.
"Hawaii is open for business. If you had vacation plans to come to Hawaii, we would encourage you to continue to come," says Ige as Kilauea fissures spew in neighborhood.
"There's no place and no point in public life, in any life, for a lot of the things Scott Lively says and believes. OK?" says incumbent.
Two other Republicans candidates hoping to be state's first GOP governor in decades have skeletons including domestic violence and drunk driving.
“I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with celebrity in politics,” says TV's Miranda. “It gives you a platform. But it’s what you do with that platform.”
Gubernatorial campaigns are underway in 36 states this year. Out of those three dozen races, 23 are in GOP-held states.
The GOP governor's hairdresser told investigators that he threatened her, coerced her, hit her and forced her to perform oral sex.
If this works for O’Neill and he wins the May gubernatorial primary, Ohio Democrats are afraid he’ll wreck the party’s chances in November.