Oregon Gov Pulls Out All the Stops to Destroy Mother Who Reopened Her Salon

Lindsey Graham (Image via Facebook. Used with permission)

Lindsey Graham opened her Salem salon last week, in defiance of state lockdown orders. In response, Democrat Governor Kate Brown arranged a $14,000 fine through Occupational Safety and Health (Oregon OSHA) and sent Child Protective Services (CPS) to visit her kids at home while Graham was at work.


It’s obvious that Gov. Brown has decided to bully Graham and make an example of her and the contractors that work out of her salon.

Late Thursday, Oregon OSHA notified Graham they have been classifying the contractors working in her salon as employees. This is a frontal assault on independent contract work and has no basis in statute. OSHA further informed her that it will issue a $14,000 fine for workplace violations. If allowed to stand, this action puts at risk every beauty salon in the state of Oregon that operates with contractors. OSHA then bullied Graham with the threat of notifying other state agencies and initiating additional investigations.

Kate Brown has decided to utilize the full weight of the state to target and destroy Lindsey Graham. Brown has even targeted her family and children.

Graham received a visit from CPS at her home just three days after she reopened her salon.

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Here is a timeline of the abuses Kate Brown and her state thugs have thrown at Lindsey and her family over the last 10 days.

  • On May 2, Lindsay let her clients know that she would open her salon on the 5th of May.
  • On May 4, OSHA threatened her with a $70,000 fine.
  • On May 5, she reopened her salon in Downtown Salem.
  • On May 6, Lindsay received a letter from the city of Salem informing her that she was in violation of the office lease contract. (the city of Salem owns the building her salon occupies)
  • On May 7, child protective services showed up at her home while she was at the office to initiate an investigation of her children’s environment.
  • On May 14, OSHA told Lindsey they will fine her $14,000 and they will notify other state agencies to initiate additional investigations.

In an interview with PJ Media, Graham said that there is no way OSHA even has jurisdiction over her salon, and her attorney concurs. Salon owners often lease out stations to stylists classified as independent contractors. Lindsey doesn’t actually have any employees, and does not operate a workspace. Therefore, OSHA should not have any involvement at all. They’ve appointed themselves arbiters in this case without any legal authorization.

Graham also told PJ Media the frightening details of the CPS visit, which occurred while she and her husband were both at work. “I’m not going to point the finger at Kate Brown and say she did it,” she said. “My attorney just says, there is nothing in my file or around my life or in my home to warrant a CPS call. What are the chances a state government official shows up at my home three days after I defy her orders on completely bogus grounds?”

“I don’t know how the [CPS worker] didn’t just close the case when he walked in the front door,” she added. “They had a report, and it was full of immaculately bogus material. Just random material as to why our home was unfit for children. My attorney said that the fact that the case is not closed is another interesting detail. It’s still pending.”


“He showed up when I was gone at work, and we had a babysitter watching the baby,” said Graham. “So I had to wait another day to speak with him. He did the whole thing. He sat me down and interviewed me separate from my husband. He interviewed my husband. He questioned my six-year-old child. He made me take him on a tour of my house. He made me lift the toilet seat. He checked my baby’s diaper. Never in my life would I ever have thought I’d experience something like that. That’s harassment at the highest level.”

Much like Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Kate Brown has decided that anyone who defies her orders will be targeted for personal destruction. It’s a wonder these thugs aren’t putting their victims’ heads on actual pikes.

Brown now faces several federal and state lawsuits challenging the legality of her 19 executive orders extending the state of emergency past statute and common sense.

If you’d like to help Lindsey Graham defray her legal fees in fighting off Kate Brown’s thugs, a friend of hers set up a GoFundMe page.

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