'Contact Tracing' Jobs Create Terrifying Army of Karens

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In my worst dystopian nightmares, I could not have imagined a scenario where the American government would intentionally bankrupt the populace and then offer them $25 an hour to snitch on their neighbors in order to incarcerate them, and yet, here we are. Just in from CBS News is this horrific proposal for contact tracing jobs.


As U.S. unemployment soars to historic levels, the hottest job of the year could be a lifesaver: contact tracing. Containing the coronavirus as the economy gradually reopens has created an urgent need for hundreds of thousands of people trained to identify infected individuals and track down anyone and everyone they could have exposed to the virus.

In the absence of a federal plan, some city and state health departments are already seeking to fill thousands of these positions. Experts estimate that between 100,000 and 300,000 contact tracers — who can earn up to $65,000 per year — will be needed nationwide based on state populations and projected COVID-19 infection rates.

“I do think that it’s a fantastic job for people who have been furloughed, and it’s something that people can be trained to do,” said Roger Shapiro, a professor of medicine at the Harvard School of Public Health. “It takes some training, but it’s not impossible to train almost anybody with reasonable social skills, who can work off a script, begin a conversation with people, convey a few key messages and collect data,” he said.

But what is contact tracing? This is the new go-to solution that our betters have come up with to fight the Chinese Wuflu that will erase all semblance of privacy for Americans. They want to know where you’ve shopped, eaten, driven, who you’ve talked to, and who they have talked to. In order to do this, you will install an app on your phone that tracks you and you will give up all of your information ‘voluntarily’ to a government agent who is assigned to spy on you or you will be incarcerated against your will.


If you want to know what this looks like in real life, just check out South Korea and the idiots who think this is fine and dandy. Read the whole thread. This is what is in store for Americans if people don’t wake the hell up and say NO.

If you think I’m exaggerating about being incarcerated against your will, check out what Cuomo did in New York before this pandemic even started. He gave himself the authority to incarcerate anyone with any infectious disease for as long as he deems necessary. Then he did it to at least two people in New York, one of whom never tested positive for coronavirus. The man refused to self-quarantine because he had a cold and ended up in the county jail without a hearing or a lawyer. 

Rochester City News reports Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies placed the individual in isolation at a Brighton, N.Y., jail after a civil order was imposed by the Monroe County Department of Public Health. The unnamed person was reportedly displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 but refused testing and ignored an order to isolate themselves Thursday.

“The Monroe County Public Health Department has determined the individual’s non-compliance with a health order of isolation endangers safety, health, and well-being of citizens in Monroe County,” the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The individual was given multiple opportunities to comply with the Health Department order.”

According to WHAM, the person was taken by specially-trained deputies to Strong Memorial Hospital for evaluation, and then moved to a pre-planned quarantine location at the Sheriff’s Office Brighton Facility on Friday. Other inmates at the Brighton jail were moved to a secure area at the Monroe County Jail, where no cases of COVID-19 have been reported.

“You know, I’ve been a police officer for almost 35 years. I’ve never even dreamed about doing something like this,” Sheriff Todd Baxter told the TV station.


This is what contact tracing will bring to your life — illegal surveillance, arrest, and incarceration without due process. And yet, the government has found a way to make this job sound attractive by wiping out vast means of supporting oneself by deeming most jobs “non-essential.” But make no mistake, the end result will turn neighbor against neighbor and build an army of Karens into brownshirts for the state. If you think the Karens are bad at the park and on social media now, wait until they are given the power of the state and a fat paycheck to ruin your life for not obeying the crown’s edicts. Is any threat worth giving up your freedom like this?

Here are some of the responses to these new jobs that I found on Facebook.

Newsom wanted everyone unemployed so he could get people desperate enough to do his dirty work. When the economy was good he’d never be able to get 20k people to sign up for this. He’s absolutely disgusting.

The people that would do this are the same people who would jump on the chance for a CI number to lessen the heat on their own ass. Pathetic.

Become a TRAITOR!!!!!

The brownshirts reassemble.

They will be just as abusive and power-hungry like filthy social workers.

Does anyone believe that once the threat of this virus is over the databases they built on you and yours will ever go away? We are spiraling headfirst at 400 miles per hour into a Chinese government tracking system that we will not get out of. Ever. Stop this madness now.


If you take a job contact tracing, you are betraying your country. You are signing up to be a government-paid, jack-booted thug, whose main job is to hunt down dissenters and throw them in jail, separating families, subjecting children to foster care, all without due process. That makes you a snitch, a narc, a brownshirt, and a traitor. Don’t do it, Karen. Just say no.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter

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