'Yes Means Yes' to a New Generation of Powerless Women

Last Thursday the California State Assembly passed the “Yes Means Yes” campus rape bill, which now awaits the governor’s seal of approval. Feminist site Jezebel reports:


As previously reported, Senate Bill 967 sets a standard of requiring “affirmative consent” in sexual assault investigations, which means that the students in question must have affirmed to each other verbally or physically that they wanted to have sex with one another. It’s different from the previous “No Means No” mantra that many college campuses went by, which often meant that the person alleging that they had been sexually assaulted was penalized for not saying specifically that they didn’t want to have sex. Additionally, under affirmative consent, “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent.”

It should come as no surprise that an ideological movement that took up residency with cultural Marxism in the 1960s would view bureaucracy as the best weapon against sexual assault. As Stalin once said, “bureaucracy is the price we pay for impartiality.” And isn’t impartiality what feminists strive for in sexual encounters these days?

Annuo, a “sexual consent app,” launched on August 11 when the campus rape bill hit the California legislature:

Annuo is the world’s first app that rewards you for having sex; so long as it’s consensual. Here’s how it works:

1) You and your prospective sex partner both sign-in via facebook. (Nothing about your encounter will be posted to your wall)

2)Person A signs a prompt consenting to sex

3) Person B signs a prompt consenting to sex

4) The two of you get busy!!!! ;)

5) You get mPoints as rewards which can be redeemed for cool stuff


Impartial, 21st century bureaucracy (electronic versus that tree-killing paper trail) turns sex into a legal agreement with the promise of being rewarded with “cool stuff” (way cooler than love, I’m sure). You know the old joke, Stalin and Mark Zuckerberg walk into a bar on ladies’ night…

Feminism has collectively worked to create the millennial man-child. Now, like evil principals (or, if the fantasy dictates, naughty nuns armed with rulers) these women are effectively pinning the responsibility for every bad sexual choice on their male counterpart. “Yes Means Yes” provides further evidence that second-wave feminism demands the complete and utter rejection of personal responsibility. It also gives an excuse to a new generation of American women to insert themselves into dangerous situations and potentially experience the horrors of rape, because “the law” is on their side.

The only true feminist solution to rape on and off college campuses is self-defense. Nia Sanchez, a.k.a. Miss USA, took a feminist tongue-lashing (because their mouths are their only acceptable weapon) for suggesting that women learn self-defense to ward off sexual predators. “Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape,” one feminist tweeted in response to Sanchez’s remark. They’re so used to rejecting responsibility that feminists now reject their responsibility to protect themselves. Ironically, they’re relying on a male-dominated government’s power of the (phallic) pen to save them the stress of doing something more than — what? Looking pretty for a potential sexual encounter?


Camille Paglia was condemned for warning these Marxist feminists 20 years ago that their fantasyland where womyn subjugate men ignores the biological reality of the sexes. Nia Sanchez should consider herself among the ranks of real feminists, not these yuppie poseurs who use the banner of feminism to insulate themselves from the real world. Want to see a real feminist defense? Watch the IDF’s Krav Maga training videos. Taught by IDF Krav Maga instructor Sgt. Rachel Shir, these 2 minute videos give precision instruction for how to handle attackers, potential sexual assault and abduction. Because real feminism is knowing that your body isn’t just yourself, it is also your best weapon against sexual assault.


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