Those Silly, Savage Homophobes


Bethany Mandel’s article on the irony of permitted homophobia in the African-American rap community rightly highlighted the Left’s patronizing racism towards both African and Hispanic Americans. She smartly pointed out pop culture’s double standard when it comes to reacting to anti-gay statements from Christian whites versus blacks or Hispanics. But the argument needs to be pushed further, lest we fall into the Progressive Left’s divisive Minority trap.


The underlying racism of the Progressive Left is the kind of upper-class willful ignorance rooted in eugenic supremacist theory that’s currently being swept under the rug of “progressivism,” a fanciful term for 21st century Marxism. No one could possibly believe that the same people who promote marriage equality, affirmative action, and amnesty are subconsciously racist. Unless, of course, they looked at the philosophy underlying those seemingly righteous political beliefs.

One need look no further than the Grammys for proof. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, white boys with bad rapping skills being lathered up with awards by an audience righteously congratulating themselves for marrying gays on stage to the tune of Same Love. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the white messiahs saving rap from its inherent anti-gay nature with cornball lyrics referring to his beloved genre as “a culture founded from oppression.” What next? Rapping about the ironies of 40 acres and a mule with a prop carpetbag?


We shouldn’t be totally ungrateful to the musical racists of the Left. They are responsible for bringing artists like Lead Belly to the stage, if only to use them as pawns to market their Marxist politics. Lead Belly’s manager, progressive Communist Party member Alan Lomax kept his talent on a tight leash. A gifted musician, Lead Belly incorporated jazz and blues in his private repertoire, but was limited in the kind of music he could play and record for public consumption. Having billed himself as the composer of many of Lead Belly’s songs, it is highly suspect that Alan Lomax helped pen the lyrics to the communist jingle Bourgeois Blues. And, while Alan’s father John Lomax publicly declared, “This n—-r has captured the imagination of New York,” privately he confessed to his wife that he was


“…disturbed and distressed at [Lead Belly’s] beginning tendency to show off in his songs and talk, when his money value is to be natural and sincere as he was while in prison. Of course, as this tendency grows he will lose his charm and become only an ordinary, low ordinary, Harlem n—-r.”

Much has changed since the 1930s. White boys, no matter how rich, wouldn’t be allowed to openly use a black performer as his political pawn. We have, as a culture, embraced the Marxist concept of “minority” in terms of race, applying quantifiable measures like Affirmative Action in an attempt to rectify a qualitative, moral issue. Subsequently the Progressive Left has embraced Lacan’s theory of The Other, which permits them to culturally stigmatize a group through both praise and condemnation.

That academic eloquence boils down to the following real-life scenario: African American rappers and hip-hop artists have the freedom to express their beliefs, no matter how un-politically correct they may seem, because they are the Other. And while the Progressive Left may desire to imitate them, glorify them, and even sexualize them, the bottom line is that they are still them and not us. Like Lead Belly, these artists may “capture the imagination” of Progressive pop culture, but in the end they are still imperfect creatures from another world. That, of course, allows the “us” of the Progressive Left to swoop in and save the day, rescuing the “savages” from themselves for the sake of our “equal and diverse” culture.



It is an attitude so absurd you expect to view it in terms of elegant costume dramas depicting a bygone era. Tsk, tsk, you can hear the Lords and Ladies patronize their black and Hispanic servants, that isn’t polite dinner conversation, dear. Well of course they don’t like gay marriage now, they explain to their equally hip friends, look at their idiotic churches, their backward family cultures. Don’t worry, the incentives we throw at them will keep their traps shut when it counts.

The reality is that The Other is a carefully chosen viewpoint guaranteed to make the Marxist the victor, not the rich white corporation, nor the greedy Jewish executive; the Marxist who has morphed class into race and stoked struggle into warfare for their own nefarious, self-glorifying purpose. Shrouded in apparent selflessness, politically correct epithets cloak their eugenic impulse the same way the propaganda of the Communist Party cloaked the reality of the Soviet intelligence dictatorship in Russia.

So, the fact that black rap artists and Hispanic TV personalities get a mere slap on the wrist for homophobic statements shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Just as the Progressive Left supports amnesty to ensure a qualified stock of cheap gardeners and housekeepers, so they will brush the minority’s “savage” comments under the rug. It is a tactic meant to mask the racism inherent in their progressive mentality. Even more offensively, the Progressive Left feels they know best when not to poke the beast, as Mandel observed in the timing of Obama’s change of heart regarding gay marriage. Republicans like Ann Coulter see this racism as an extension of segregationist mentality and ignorant beliefs about African culture. Add to this theory the cold reality that in the world of Marxist politics every savior needs a savage, and you can see why racism haunts the Left like a disease.


It is the responsibility of the Right to recognize this carefully woven web instead of getting snared within it. Our job isn’t to determine whether or not homophobia or racism exists, or to be satisfied with being couched in a dialogue of victimology. Our role is to ensure that America is an environment where any hateful behavior is not excused for political purposes by bigots intent on ruling the roost. This begins by rejecting the Marxist notion of “minority” and refusing to see ourselves – whether we identify as Conservative, Republican, Tea Party, Libertarian, black, white, Jew, Christian, or anything in-between – as the persecuted. America, the Constitution, and freedom are the persecuted that need saving, lest we fulfill the Progressive Left’s dream of becoming an equally diverse nation of well trained savages.



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