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White Chicks be Pimpin’ their Black Hos

Feminists' greatest disgrace is in their treatment of one another.

Susan L.M. Goldberg


November 10, 2013 - 10:00 am
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When I began researching pimp/prostitute culture in feminism I had no idea the white feminists would be trying so hard to be the pimps. To understand the race war inherent in modern feminism, look no further than the battle over Beyonce. The music icon’s self-proclaimed feminist identity has been intensely scrutinized by white feminists questioning everything from her costume choices and dance moves to the title of her latest tour, “The Mrs. Carter Show.” Comparing the feminist criticism of Beyonce with the feminist praise of Lena Dunham, Lily Bolourian rightly concludes:

“Beyoncé is a legend and Dunham a “voice of a generation,” yet Beyoncé’s sexuality is deemed as unacceptable or overbearing. Dunham’s sexuality, on the other hand, is accepted and praised. Why the distinction? Dunham has been seen naked often and even in sexual positions in much of her work. Beyoncé wears clothes that show off her legs and bust, along with half of the populace, but still she has never been seen fully naked. I’m still waiting for an explanation on how this makes her the Anti-Feminist.”

In commenting on the Beyonce contradiction, black feminists highlight the long history of grotesque stereotypes surrounding black female sexuality, stereotypes they feel have a continued impact today on the way white critics, feminists included, receive expressions of black female sexuality in pop culture. Perhaps the most insightful critique regarding the white interaction with black female sexuality is in the African American reaction to Miley Cyrus’s infamous VMA performance. While most critiques focused on Cyrus’s offensive twerking, Jacqui Germain at Racialicious took even deeper offense to “the black woman Cyrus smacked on the bottom during her VMAs performance and then casually dismissed—quite literally reduced to a faceless, body-less prop.” For Germain, black feminists “are fighting to remove the hyper-sexual assumption” from their bodies. A hyper-sexual assumption that pays off big, at least where the skinny white chick is concerned.

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One more time, feminism demonstrates its irrelevancy, and how it's worthy of ridicule and contempt.
36 weeks ago
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Modern feminism is inherently self-contradictory, and its rhetoric is specially designed around self-sealing and circular logic to smooth over the rough patches. Unfortunately it's all rough patches.

Some feminist moron recently had a post about how, if there has been a war, women have always marched off to it, forgetting these things called Marye's Heights, Iwo Jima and Vietnam, as well as walking into a Vet's Hospital and counting numbers.

Having said that, there's a difference between being naked in the context of a comedy/drama and presenting oneself as a space hooker singing lyrics to children (remember Trayvon?) that might make a China sailor blush.

Today's modern feminist is racist and sexist to the core and will come up with excuses and blame about why they don't do what they don't do til the sun goes out.

The only good thing about a post-Apocalypse-Detroit America is that water will once again find its own level, and return to being wet too. Then, sandwiches will get made, cooking will get done, coffee will be served - after the men return from the Battle for Montana.
37 weeks ago
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After all, when authority derives from the human psyche and expresses itself through pop culture trend, someone’s got to be in charge of all the

Aw jeez, a cliffhanger.
37 weeks ago
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Updated. My bad. Editorial goof. Full sentence:

After all, when authority derives from the human psyche and expresses itself through pop culture trend, someone's got to be in charge of all the groupthink, right Caitlin Moran?
37 weeks ago
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Thanks. I was just having a little fun with it.

37 weeks ago
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