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Where Is It Still Acceptable to Be Homophobic?

T-Pain: "I know n—s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f—ing song and that’s so terrible to me, man.“

Bethany Mandel


February 11, 2014 - 4:55 pm


Pop quiz: Which star appears to be losing out on work because he’s an out gay man? Haven’t heard about him? It appears that in some parts of the entertainment industry, namely the rap world, it’s still okay to be homophobic. Entertainment Weekly reports on rapper T-Pain’s comments on his fellow rapper, the openly gay Frank Ocean:

“I think the radio is getting more gay-friendly,” said the Auto-Tune champion/noted boat enthusiast. “I don’t think urban music is getting more gay-friendly because if that was the case, Frank Ocean would be on a lot more songs. I know n—-s that will not do a song with Frank Ocean just because he gay, but they need him on the f—ing song and that’s so terrible to me, man.

The rap world has long been known for its hostility towards the LGBT community, but it has been given a pass due to the fact that the majority of its stars are African American. While the American media gleefully points out the homophobia of every other subsection of the country and its residents, Americans of color continue to be given a pass.

During the controversy in California over Proposition 8, the Mormon Church was vilified for showing a financial interest in the outcome. The New York Times blamed its passage on the Mormon Church, but the Washington Post exposed the true culprits:

All five of California’s most populous counties — Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and San Diego — voted in favor of Prop. 8 even as Obama was carrying four of the five in the presidential race.

Los Angeles County — the state’s most populous — is particularly interesting to look at. In LA County, Prop. 8 won a narrow majority of 50.1 percent. But, President Obama carried the county with a whopping 69 percent.

The discrepancy?  African American voters, who were overwhelmingly in favor of banning same sex marriage (70 percent supported Proposition 8) even as they supported Obama even more heavily (94 percent).  And, to a lesser degree, Hispanic voters followed that same trend — backing Prop. 8 by a 53 percent to 47 percent margin while giving President Obama 74 percent.

In an ironic twist, these voters who came out to vote with such enthusiasm for the first African American president were also responsible for passing Proposition 8. Perhaps it’s not so ironic, given the fact that President Obama had yet to “evolve” on the issue.

Other minorities are also apparently allowed to make homophobic remarks in public. The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo, who was quoted last month calling homosexuals “perverts,” has largely skated through the incident unscathed. While he has had to comment on the statements over the past month, the show is still on the air and no punitive action has been taken by ABC. Despite the comments, Entertainment Wise reports that he was greeted with cheers and screaming fans at Good Morning America yesterday. While the media has spent a good deal of time this week exposing Pablo’s womanizing ways on the hit show, the statements about “gay perverts” have slowly fallen off the nation’s radar.

What would the media reaction be if a country music crooner made similar comments or was quietly blacklisted? I think you know the answer.

Bethany Mandel is a graduate of Rutgers University with a BA in History and Jewish Studies. Previously she worked as a teacher in rural Cambodia, as an online fundraiser at The Heritage Foundation and most recently the Social Media Associate at Commentary Magazine. She is currently a work-at-home mother. She has appeared on CNBC's The Kudlow Report, Huffington Post Live, BBC World's World Have Your Say, and is a regular guest on "Powers to the People" on Talk Radio 1380am WNRR. She was chosen by The Jewish Week as one of its "36 Under 36" in 2013, an annual list of individuals reinventing Jewish life. She lives with her husband Seth Mandel, an assistant editor for Commentary Magazine, in New Jersey.

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Actually, come to think of it, maybe you would not be a homophobic to worry about what might happen to your siding. The homosexual culture has been known to raid churches at night and spread feces around. One wonders whatever made them think of feces. Hmm, I'm straining my mind, but I just can't think of it.

Anyway, you never know what they might think of doing to your siding if you don't pretend you like them.
49 weeks ago
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If you have homophobia, which is an irrational fear of homosexuals, you have an extremely rare condition. Perhaps you think homosexuals would like to shoot you or your family members or perhaps you think they want to steal siding from your house in the middle of the night, or something like that. OTOH, if you fear them because they are organized to attack freedom of thought, or because they spread disease through their defining sexual activity, or because they do not care what happens to children if they manage to redefine marriage through their techniques of lies and intimidation, there is nothing irrational about your fear. You are not a homophobic. One of their lies, the Orwellian 'lie in a word' is that people like you are 'homophobic'. This, then, is distorted further from its real meaning, so the fear becomes 'hate', and the 'homophobe' is a hater deserving of ostracism, denunciation, and punishment.

Only a movement that hasn't got a shred of honesty in it would treat a person with a real phobia as anything but a person in need of support, understanding, and encouragement. The homosexual lobby, OTOH, the real movement of hate treats the false label of 'homophobia' as its excuse to open up a campaign of hatred and harm against the person they have chosen to so label for speaking truth that they want under the carpet because they cannot answer it honestly.

The homosexual lobby calls parents who would, if they could, prevent a child of theirs still in the womb from becoming a homosexual (its all fantasy anyway as it is highly unlikely that children are born with a homosexual apetite in their future), haters and killers of homosexuals. They want the child for their 'culture' - the 'culture' founded around promiscuous, dangerous sex and early death. Of course they want your children sacrificed to this 'culture', which is as legitimate a culture as a culture of thieves. They don't have any children of their own disgusting unions, so 'give me yours' is a big theme. The homosexual activist who argued with me that *I* was a hater for being one who would ensure before birth that my child developed no homosexual apetite if that were possible, shut his mouth promptly when I said that I was raising my children for my own culture and he could raise his own kids (born of the culture - that is, homosexual union) for his culture.

But no, homosexuals will gladly sacrifice children to their ugly 'needs' all day long. Because humans are highly suggestible, the politics of 'homosexual identity' is the politics of cursing people with believing that they are homosexuals by their very nature rather than that homosexuality is behavior about which they have a choice. The ugly, child sacrificing aspect of this politics is the beginning campaigns to have children identify themselves as homosexuals as early as possible, in other words, to curse children as homosexuals as new initiates into their death culture.

Yes, they want your children.

But I am the hater.

Go figure.
49 weeks ago
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Identity versus principle. The first enables and even promotes unfair double standards. The second forbids it. Principle is the Bill of Rights. Identity is bigotry.

Due to identity, the Left simply will not accept the fact they have bigots among them. They won't accept that because their concept of identity precludes the idea that any of the Left's precious and moral identities could ever be bigots. No. They're the VICTIMS of bigots, never the bigots. The problem there is: they're also human.

So you have this conflict of identity: black versus gay. Who wins? The Left must consult some list to see whether gays or blacks are the bigger victim and ultimately the most moral. Sometimes blacks lose (Kobe Bryant gay slur on TV) sometimes gays lose (rap is too cool).

The spirit of the Bill of Rights always loses on the Left, cuz the Bill of Rights doesn't have a list with black lesbian feminists at the top and straight white males at the bottom. Or in other words, a list the Left stole from the KKK, turned upside-down and declared "renovation complete."
49 weeks ago
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The LGBT community should have expected some hostility, when they appropriated the moral aura of the black Civil Rights struggle for their own purposes.
48 weeks ago
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As the anticipated resistance on the part of some NFL coaches to draft Michael Sam on the basis of not wanting any undue distractions is being spun as code for homophobia it does reek of a double standard when blatant, in-your-face homophobia is given a pass when it's coming from the politically protected class.

The thing is that the LBGT "community" either fails to see that they are nothing more than political props- pawns in a divide and conquer style of domestic policy that is leading the herd (whose critical thinking skills have been purposefully eroded by public education and pop culture with the remnants demonized by PC thuggery) away from uniting against its oppressors. The African-American community is also nothing more than a cynical prop for the progressives whose economic policies have cemented their status as an underclass- relying on government handouts... yet so many still believe that Obama is somehow "their" president when the writing on the wall has long been blatant that they were used for their vote and are being summarily discarded except when the state supported race card can be played in the news-narrative.
49 weeks ago
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Soul – How it works...
John 6:63 “It is the spirit who gives life. The flesh profits nothing...”
The soul animates the body, while thoughts, mental pictures, images, ideas, and feelings, and emotions of the soul are the direct emanation and is regulated by the spirit, good and evil. Because spirit acts as a threshing floor - moving in two directions, from good to evil - the spirit will create good works or evil works according to the particular spirit, good and evil. When the spirit, good and evil, is allowed by the soul to create good works or evil works, the soul will be judged by those works. The merits of the soul are spiritual actions and these merits are judge by God.

Again, the spirit acts as a threshing floor; if the works of the soul are good the soul is allowed to live, but if the works of the soul are evil then the soul will die. It is God's hope that a soul will seek to do good in order to live, however, God allows personal choice in the way of doing evil including homosexuality, adultery, incest, and illicit drugs. God allows this in order to nullify the eternal life the soul. Eternal life is not free but must be earned by good moral decisions in spite of the feelings, drives, thoughts and temptations that spirit may put in the soul and thus in the body. Jesus said, “Deny yourself,” that is, do not fall victim to an evil spirit but call on the name of the Lord who controls both spirits, good and evil, to remove the spirit of temptation and destruction and allow the Holy Spirit to work through you.
Scientific EVIDENCE:

“A phantom limb is the SENSATION that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body part. Approximately 60 to 80% of individuals with an amputation experience phantom sensations in their amputated limb, and the majority of the sensations are painful “ (Wiki)
Note: Phantom limb is evidence that the source of emotions and pain is the spirit. Although, a limb is missing and cannot signal the brain or vice versa, the spirit is still sending pain signals to the soul and body.

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory… involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway” (Wiki)

Note: Synesthesia is where the senses are confused. It demonstrates the ability of the spirit to flip-flob emotions, or sensory perceptions. By the power of the spirit, a person smelling a rose may smell a dead fish or transfer signs in sensations of taste. This is coming from God’s spirit and this is what is happening in the Homosexuals where the spirit is deceiving the soul by exchanging the natural desires for unnatural desires. Why? God is testing the sensibilities of the soul as a test for eternal life.

Petition: “I know God that your Spirit has confused my mind, and I have fallen into temptation. I petition the Lord for the Holy Spirit that the spirit of confusion will be removed.”
49 weeks ago
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Misuse Of Words

Theologically, the Judeo-Christian Bible in both Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is specific and explicit . . . homosexuality is an abomination. The Mohammedans (aka/Muslims) agree.

In the argument against open homosexuality, opponents of this Biblical abomination play into the hands of those whom they are attacking by misusing words. Words are important. Words can kill!

“Homophobia”. Antipathy toward homosexuality is not ... say again ... not a phobia.

Opposing homosexuality as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle does not render one a so-called homophobe. The term, phobia, denotes an unreasonable and inappropriate aversion to a particular stimulus. A phobia is a mental illness. To oppose homosexuality and to label it the perversion that historically it has been considered, in and of itself, is neither unreasonable nor inappropriate. The small but vociferous band of homosexuals, only three percent of the population or less in spite of their claims to the contrary, literally has turned vice into virtue. In doing so, homosexuals label “mentally ill” those who label their perversion a vice. As so often happens, especially in a society with fluid standards, the perpetrator becomes the victim, and the victim becomes the perpetrator. [Adapted from the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences (]

“Gay”. What's gay about homosexuality? Do homosexuals feel more gay than heterosexuals?

The label was derived from Gay Street in Greenwich Village in ... where else? ... New York City. In the 1950s, it was an area in which homosexuals congregated to find sexual partners.

To adopt the language of your opponent is to legitimatize his argument. Opponents of homosexuality as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle should use their own language not that of those whom they oppose. Homosexuals aren’t "gays"; they're homosexuals. Biblically and historically, their sexual acts are abominable perversions.
49 weeks ago
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Well we who are opposed to same-sex marriage have just been given a glimpse of why we should not be swayed by the phony strawman initiated by Simon and supported by other socprogs writers on this website. The biggest constituency and strength of the Democratic party are Blacks and Hispanics, not the liberal elite concentrated in the northeast and hollywood. Form this article and from their Christian roots Blacks and Hispanics are basically against same sex marriage So when Simon says the country is overwhelmingly leaning towards same-sex marriage he is dead wrong. Remember he is a screen writer located in hollywood which is one of the epicenters of homosexuality. From the overwhelming opposition here to Simon's strawman and if we can get get the Blacks and Hispanics on our side , we can defeat same-sex legislation and the socprogs from both parties will be be isolated. Sorry Simon, you started it .
49 weeks ago
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This article basically cedes the argument that opposing same sex marriage is homophobic. Like a previous poster said, homophobia could be characterized as an irrational fear of gay people, which is not the same as opposing same sex marriage. Words are important. When we lose the language, we lose the argument.
49 weeks ago
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Marxists (and the homosexual lobby is one of their tools, now - to attack marriage, a fundamental pillar of our society, later, a campaign just beginning - to attack Christianity, another fundamental pillar of the West) are absolute experts at the techniques of subversion. While the rest of us work at productive activities, they work, at first quietly and patiently, and then with vehemence when they judge the time ripe, at destabilizing and destroying the societies they are campaigning against.

One of their most important techniques, at which they are studied, is control of the language. George Orwell's "1984" describes the use of these techniques. I recommend reading it. Orwell knew what he was talking about. As a sympathetic socialist, he fought in Spain in a Marxist related brigade in the Spanish Civil War. Revolted by what he witnessed of the way they work, he repudiated all association with Marxism. His socialism was inconsistent with this repudiation, and he came to understand that. Although he never quite managed to give it up entirely, he was moving in that direction when he died prematurely of tuberculosis at the age of 47. Although he was a socialist it is beyond doubt that he constantly sought the truth. I have read pretty much everything he wrote, including his letters and magazine publications. He is one of the most honest writers I have ever read.
49 weeks ago
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Nobody can dictate what another feels. Some of the reasons may be irrational, but it's how you express the feeling that matters. I'm so sick and tired of gay promotion by the media that I wish I and others who feel as I do could mount some type of campaign to alert the world that the 98% who are straight could care less about who is gay. But changing laws to accommodate the absurdity of legal gay marriage is beyond The Pale. Just shut up and get on with life.
49 weeks ago
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We are being slapped around, screamed at and sadly, intimidated. Once we were asked to be 'tolerant'. But in no time it was clear that really meant 'endorsement'. The difference being in tolerance I see your lifestyle and simply let it pass. It's not hurting me, so I tolerate it. What is being demanded now is endorsement, i.e. we have to praise your lifestyle and celebrate your "courage". But, above and beyond all else, unless we're singing the approved anthems we have to shut the hell up, look down at our shoes and play along in this Kabuki dance or else be head-slapped by these spittle flecked self-righteous fanatics.
49 weeks ago
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I think there's an inherent psychological need to look around and validate one-self as being worthy and valuable. It's very very difficult for black people as a whole to do that, because there is really no other ethnic group they can feel superior to as a whole. Using the Bible as a prop, they've decided perhaps subliminally to feel superior to homosexuals because, really, there is nothing left to them at the bottom of the world-wide barrel they currently find themselves in. My guess is that everyone recognizes this desperate striving and yearning on the part of black Americans, and that's why they are given a pity pass. When black people start to act out on these feelings, however, and hurt gay people or go gay hunting, the full force and majesty of the law comes down on them -- they are *not* allowed to get away with it.
49 weeks ago
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However, when 'gay' people hurt us, like use the lie that the murder of Matthew Sheppard was an act of anti-homosexual hatred (the murder was committed by his gay lover - the book that exposes the lie is out) to found a whole movement of speech control, *that* is OK. But, the fact that AIDS alone, spread mostly by homosexual activity, killed half a million Americans, more than were killed in World War II, Many of them the trusting spouses and children (who contracted AIDS in the womb) of homosexually active men could not be compared to Matthew Sheppard's death because it would be 'homophobic' hate? Actually, it would expose the truth, and that truth constitutes the proof that society should never have done a single thing to suggest an endorsement of homosexuality.

Stop worrying about the 'poor' 'gays' (Actually, I'm quite gay, but that is not a statement revelatory of my so called 'sexual orientation') and start worrying about society, its health, the protection of marriage as a shelter for children which the 'gay' lobby is trying to steal with not a care to what effect it will have on children (if the homosexual lobby could succeed in forcing the *huge* change to marriage that their desired redefinition would be, what could stop them from forcing other relatively small changes, like changes to divorce laws that would satisfy their desires and which are definitely different than children's needs?) Start worrying about our foundational and crucially important rights like freedom of speech (which the homosexual lobby has intimidated into non existence in the public media with any reach, and over which a real debate on the theft of marriage would have to take), and freedom of association, freedom of speech again, and freedom of religion, over which the homosexual lobby has attacked the service industry (think wedding cake baker's, but they will be able to make anyone bow if they are not stopped dead in their tracks, and if that unstable situation is not rolled right back to the point where there is no implicit or explicit endorsement by society whatsoever of the anti-social, people killing, homosexual activity, the halt will be only temporary).

The great anger and spittle-flecked, high dudgeon demonstrated by some of these would be dictators of job terminations etc is, BTW, the mock anger of people who have never grown up, the temper tantrums of the wholly selfish in their childish demands.

We are reeling into the black pit of Marxist destruction. We have the news - speak of 1984: 'Islam is the religion of peace', 'Islam is a race', 'the Tea Parties are racist', 'concern to protect marriage is hate', 'homophobia', 'Islamophobia', 'gender identity', 'you can keep it if you like', and on and on. Look how many recent columns on PJM express the lament, 'is it over?'. If you want an image of where we are headed, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever [thanks again, George Orwell].

If we do not stop it *right now*, that is where we are headed. The only way is defiance. Speak the forbidden words. Fight for our future!
49 weeks ago
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I meant to add in the second last paragraph that we also have the totalitarian surveillance state of '1984'.
49 weeks ago
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"Homophobic" is a one-word LIE.

It's Newspeak.

The purpose of this particular LIE is to brand everyone who opposes the homosexual agenda as irrational, a kook, not living in the real world.

It's called, "marginalizing", and it's a favorite tactic of the left, and others who oppose truth.

Anyone who claims to stand for truth should not be using it.
49 weeks ago
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