WaPo: Illegal Immigrants Could 'Save' Failing Blue Cities in Flyover Country

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Of all the false narratives that the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media try to bury us under, none gets tweaked more frequently than the illegal immigration story. That's because it's the one they have the most emotional investment in. 


Well, that's one of the reasons, anyway. 

The narrative on this issue shifts more than ever these days because the reality has gotten so out of control that they have to keep throwing distractions out into the public conversation. That's especially true during this particular election year. 

A lot of people contend that the current nightmarish disarray at the Mexican border is by design. There's a kernel of truth in that, but the situation really has gotten away from Biden's handlers. Yes, they wanted open borders, but they didn't want that to be an ongoing problem for prog mayors in perennially blue cities. This administration is a clown car through and through. Being a focused, rabid ideologue has no correlation to being competent. At anything. 

Now that the nightmare has spread to parts of America where leftists previously just sipped kombucha and commented on border issues from afar, it's time for another rewrite of the story.

The Washington Post Editorial Board has offered that in a column titled, "Let immigrants save the heartland." 

Before we dive into this, let's just acknowledge that the members of the WaPo almost certainly haven't spent much quality time in the heartland in recent years. Then again, judging from the way the Op-Ed begins, they seem to be unclear as to what and where the heartland is.


The Washington Post

The population of Providence, R.I., has barely held even since 2020. Had it not been for some 8,300 immigrants who settled in Providence County, it would have shrunk by 1.3 percent by last year. Same in South Bend, Ind., where some 1,700 immigrants into Saint Joseph County barely filled a gap left by locals ditching town.

Immigrants slowed demographic decline in more than 1,100 counties from 2020 to 2023, according to census estimates. Their numbers made up more than the entire growth of the population in 131 of them. The demographic reality casts immigration in a different light, not as a burden but as an opportunity: a powerful tool to lift vast swaths of America that prosperity has left behind.

It would require smart policy and political will — neither of which is plentiful in Washington, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) idea of busing migrants to cause political pain in blue jurisdictions could, unwittingly, be put to valuable use: encouraging migrants to rekindle economic development in depopulating cities such as Buffalo, Akron or Detroit, which have struggled to keep up with the economic transformations of the past 30 years.

I've been to Providence, R.I. more than a few times and I can assure anyone who hasn't that the city has a definite Northeastern United States vibe to it. 


That would be because it is in the Northeastern United States. 

To the Coastal Media Bubble people, the "heartland" is anything outside of Manhattan, Washington, or Los Angeles. Heck, to the CMB folks in Manhattan, Staten Island is the heartland. 

The five cities that the board cites to kick this thing off all have one thing in common that the crafters of this narrative deliberately avoid mentioning: they've all been financially run into the ground by Democrats. Most of them for a very long time. 

What follows is a leftist fever dream about how they would like to see this play out. "Migrants" show up to beleaguered blue cities that have been hemorrhaging population for decades, open a bodega or two and — VOILÀ — welcome to the Magic Melting Pot. 

I would love to say I'm greatly exaggerating here, but I'm not. 

It should also be noted that when any of the Dems' media lapdogs "Blah-blah" about migrants or immigrants, there is no concern whatsoever about whether they arrived through legal means or not. I've written about the Left's deft handling of the euphemism game on more than a few occasions. 

This Opinion piece is a pathetic attempt to take the Biden administration's most glaring failure of the last three years and make it the stuff of dreams. Even better — in their telling of the story — blue cities can be rescued from the myriad economic failures of entrenched Democratic regimes!


This is a pretty big fairy tale even from an editorial board and Opinion section that traffics in them.

They may feel safe in their tony prog Coastal Media Bubble enclaves, but the rest of the country is too busy getting smacked upside the head by all of the reality that's flowing up from the south. 

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