The Morning Briefing: Speaker Johnson — Hitting All the Right Notes, Annoying All the Right People

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kerwyllen was on a crusade to prevent the further normalization of ranch dressing, Pilates, and all things Kardashian.


We may only be a few days into the Speaker Mike Johnson era, but I am enjoying it so far. Sure, he’s a politician, and the whole thing will probably end up being a huge disappointment. That’s all the more reason to kick back and have fun while we can.

While the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media were rending their garments over “CHAOS” in the House, conservatives out here in the hinterlands were mostly just annoyed that the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden was simmering on the back burner. For a lot of people, the “business of the House” at present should be focused on getting to the bottom of how the Biden Crime Family works. We don’t know how long this Olsen Twins-thin GOP majority in the House is going to last, after all.

The good news, as Matt writes, is that Speaker Johnson is ready to roll on that front again. The best news from Matt’s post is that the new speaker says the Republicans aren’t interested in the kangaroo court antics of Democrats:

Johnson said Republicans are far more concerned about evidence.

“I know people are getting anxious and they’re getting restless and they just want somebody to be impeached,” he explained. “But that’s not — we don’t do that like the other team. We have to base it upon the evidence, and the evidence is coming together. We’ll see where it leads.”

I think we know where it’s going to lead.

One way to get a read on a relatively unknown politician is to see what’s triggering his or her political enemies.


For example, as Bonchie writes over at our sister site RedState, Johnson’s Christianity is making the lefties dyspeptic. That’s right, America, Mike Johnson is one of those Jesus people. How ever will the Republic survive this?!?!?

Bonchie’s post focuses on the remarks of commie faux journo David Corn, but others have echoed his scary Christian nonsense. Predictably, most of it revolves around abortion. They’re disappointed that the GOP didn’t find the depraved secular light and elect a rabidly pro-abortion speaker. The Dems and their media mouthpieces are having fits because they’re now stuck with a man of faith who believes in the sanctity of life being only two heartbeats away from the presidency.

As proof of how desperate the Left is to baselessly smear a guy who they know almost nothing about, Twitchy has a story about a Biden 2020 hack trying to start a narrative about Johnson being gay.

Ah, the nonjudgemental tolerance of American leftists.

If we’re giving Mike Johnson a report card based on his agenda and the knee-jerk reactions that he is forcing from some of the worst people in America, he gets “A”s all across the board.

If this is the end result of Republican chaos in the House, I wouldn’t mind if they get the itch to be chaotic again real soon.

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