The Morning Briefing: Maui Tragedy Makes a Strong Pro-Second Amendment Point

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Dartello felt that Irish coffee and an emotional support iguana helped him keep his edge during Boggle tournaments.


OK, timing my return to coincide with the first dysfunctional Republican family debate may not have been the brightest move. I could not, however, call in sick after six days off. Many thanks to Kevin and Chris for filling in while I was enjoying some time with my daughter and the rest of the family. The most attention I paid to the news these last several days was the score of the Cubs-Tigers game I went to on Monday night.

While catching up yesterday and reading about how horribly wrong things have been going in Maui, I immediately found myself back in the throes of being infuriated by the unholy alliance between leftist American politicians and the enemy of the people media.

Hawaii isn’t just run by leftists, it’s under the control of far, far-left ideologues. If there is a bad decision to be made in the service of the Climate Cult, it’ll be made. As Rick pointed out in a post yesterday, that seemed to play a big part in this tragedy:

About 85% of wildfires are human-caused — not by carbon emissions but by failure to take precautions around fire sources, according to the National Parks Service. In the case of the Maui fires, it was a perfect storm of conditions that included severe drought and high winds driven by an offshore hurricane. The spark was apparently supplied by a downed power line that ignited the bone-dry brush, causing the fire to whip across the island at 60 MPH.

The Hawaiian state government had been so busy trying to achieve its renewable goals that it downplayed the risk of wildfires. In the end, it cost them.


The failure of so many people in charge in Maui is staggering. My friend and colleague Matt Vespa recently detailed a few of them over at Townhall, including this:

The likely cause of the disaster was damaged power lines caused by high winds from a hurricane off the coast. Yet, the disaster response was also a shambles.

The alarm system was never triggered. Former Maui disaster chief Herman Andaya tried to explain that such a system might have caused people to flee into the mountains since it’s primarily used for tsunami warnings following earthquakes. Yet, he did Joe Biden a solid, defending his decisions by essentially saying that those who died wouldn’t have been saved anyway.

People are stupid and they were going to die anyway,” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Regarding today’s headline, I was thinking about the unquestioning faith that leftists have in the government’s ability to do the right and necessary things when the time comes. We have seen this really blossom in them since the beginning of the pandemic. If Anthony Fauci had told them all to stand outside naked until he gave the word to go back indoors and get dressed, they would have all shrieked, “BECAUSE SCIENCE!” and done it.

The only authorities whom leftists inherently distrust are the police, and many of them are having second thoughts about that since the “defund” madness during the Saint George Floyd Summer of Window-Smashing Love. Despite the distrust, one of the Left’s go-to “You don’t need a gun!” arguments is “Just wait for the police to show up.” If there is anything we should have learned in the past few years, it’s that our personal fates — and those of our loved ones — aren’t best left to the authorities. In the case of law enforcement, it’s not because I don’t trust them, it’s because I don’t trust other authorities who are in charge of things like funding them. When resources are stretched thin, problems happen.


“Trust the government” — at any level — isn’t a wise policy. It’s best to be ready for the worst, especially now. The more that American society breaks down due to the failure of the bureaucracy and our increasingly pro-criminal institutions, the wiser it is for us to do everything we can to protect the ones we love.

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