Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—WaPo Says We're All Failures at Recycling Red Solo Cups or Something

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It’s rather amazing that more leftists don’t undergo carpal tunnel surgery, given the amount of repetitive stress they endure with all of the finger wagging that they do. I am aware of this because it’s part of my job to monitor the most egregious offenders when it comes to leftist bias in American media. To the credit of almost everyone on the Right, the scolding from the Left is nonstop because we’re never doing the things that they want us to. A recent disappointment has to do with how people are recycling plastic — specifically Red Solo cups.


No, really.

The Washington Post:

Picture this: You finish a drink from a red Solo cup, and before throwing it out, you check the bottom of the cup to see the iconic recycling symbol. That means it can be tossed in the recycling bin, right?

Wrong. Solo cups are made of polystyrene, a plastic that is very difficult to recycle. No one can fault consumers for not knowing that. The real blame lies with the government, which has failed to properly regulate claims that plastics manufacturers put on their products

No, I did not accidentally lop off the period at the end of the second paragraph in the above quote. As of the time I’m writing this, it has been posted on the WaPo website for over 12 hours like that. Apparently, the news organization of record in our nation’s capital has decided that editing isn’t a necessary expense.

Despite having been at this for a very long time, I’m still occasionally amazed that people are paid to write stuff like that. Then again, they’re probably stunned that people like me are writing about eroding freedoms and lack of trust in our institutions, largely because they don’t think any of that is happening.

It’s classic lefty to immediately insist that any problem can be solved with more government intervention. I shudder to think what a government that intervenes enough to satisfy these people would look like. Since the pandemic, American leftists have been acting like they think that Mao Tse Tung and Stalin could have been more heavy-handed.

Look, if I’m having a beer weekend, I will throw all of the cans into a separate bag, simply because there are a lot of people still roaming around who collect them once I’ve tossed them into the bin outside.

What I will never have the desire or time to do is begin studying the plastics that I throw away to determine if I need to separate them. Heck, I stopped wearing any white clothing so that I wouldn’t have to separate my laundry. I work hard and I work from home. It’s all about minimizing the domestic chore load here.

My Solo cups will continue to comingle with the other plastics and aluminum in the recycle bin that fills up too quickly because the City of Tucson decided a few years ago to only empty them every other week. I’ll take everything more seriously when the lefties who run this city start to.

Perhaps WaPo guy here should spend some time worrying about the pollution being caused by all of those mandated disposable masks that were mandated by the all-knowing government and championed by his employer. It was already a looming problem at the end of 2020, which I wrote about here. Think of all of the choking dolphins, you sadistic leftists.

I’m off to see what I can do to disappoint a Coastal Bubble commie tomorrow.

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