'Democracy' Is in Peril and It's the Dems Who Want to Destroy It

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As we approach next week’s midterm elections, Democrats are standing firmly on the deck of their electoral Titanic, hoping beyond hope that screaming the same few tired talking points at the iceberg will make it melt.


“Democracy” is the word the trained leftist seals have been barking out the most for the past couple of weeks, and we’re going to see it and hear it even more between now and next Tuesday.

“Democracy is being threatened!”

“If you vote Republican, Democracy, free elections, and Dairy Queen Blizzards will cease to exist.”

“MAGA Democracy, blah, blah, blah, Mucho MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, Karma Chameleon.”

None of it makes any sense.

Before I continue, a quick note to the know-it-all internet pedants: I am well aware that we don’t live in a democracy, so don’t sprain your wrists scrolling to the comments to correct me. Democracy is, however, the word that those other guys use in this false narrative, so, for simplicity’s sake, it’s what I’ll use in this column.

Our Idiot in Chief was let off-leash on Wednesday night long enough to warn the peasants that pitchfork-wielding Ultra Super Mega MAGA Republicans would soon be storming the gates of freedom to abscond with democracy.

Lincoln wrote a detailed response to President LOLEightyonemillion’s speech from the perspective of a former leftist. I found it extremely interesting, not only because I enjoy Lincoln’s work, but because I never had a wandering liberal phase and have loathed Joe Biden since I was in my twenties.


Joey Scranton’s false claim about having attended one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities did nothing to make my Grinch heart grow. Make sure you click the link and read that, if only for the sheer joy of seeing the headline that VodkaPundit came up with. It’s only Wednesday as I write this, and I guarantee you won’t see a better headline for the rest of the week.

This may come as a surprise to regular readers of mine, but I actually agree with the Democrats on this one. Well, partially. Democracy is under attack. The assault isn’t coming from the right, though.

It is always important to remember that 99% of what 21st-century Democrats claim Republicans are doing is projection. They’re the election-deniers and have been since 2000. They’re the ones fomenting violence. Just Google “2020 summer of love” or ask Steve Scalise.

And it is most definitely the Democrats who are waging war on the democratic institutions in this glorious Republic.

For example, the J6 House Soviet Select Committee on Daddy Issues purports to be saving democracy. In fact, its members are trying to rig an election two years in advance by keeping the candidate they know they don’t have a chance against off of the ballot. The beautiful thing about watching these idiots is that their pathological obsession with Trump led them to ignore Ron DeSantis for far too long.


Now they’re screwed for 2024 either way.

The Democrats’ pet election rules are all designed to weaken and/or destroy the integrity of the way we choose our leaders. No voter ID requirements. Universal vote-by-mail. Early voting periods that begin practically before the primaries are over. These are all part of a long-term plan to make your vote mean nothing.

Then there is the Electoral College, which the Democrats want to do away with (they really hate most of the Constitution). Should they succeed in making this happen, California, New York City, and Chicago will be choosing our presidents. That won’t last long, though. China will waltz in the back door with the lefties in charge, and we’ll all be scrambling to raise money for Rosetta Stone Mandarin.

You could write down all of the legitimate domestic threats to the survival of the United States on index cards, put them on a wall, throw a dart, and anything you hit would be something that the Democrats publicly or surreptitiously champion.

The Democrats are so adamant about destroying this country that this could really be a series of columns. I think I’ve made my point, however. Another thousand words on their public school indoctrination mills or their attacks on the Second Amendment could easily be written, but there is other work to be done.


In summation, the 2022 Democratic elites are violent, bigoted commies who hate freedom and would prefer that there be far less of it.

Yeah, “democracy” is under attack.

And the real enemies aren’t very good at hiding themselves.

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