The Kruiser Kabana Episode 190: The Worst Kind of Voter Suppression

(Reminder: all of the podcast episodes are now in the Kruiser Kabana section of our shiny new podcast page. I will be doing little teaser blurbs here and/or in the Morning Briefing for each new episode.)

Voter suppression is insidious and it does exist, just not in the way that Democrats say it does.

After voting in the primary election here in Arizona on Tuesday I began thinking about where we are headed in November. My biggest worry for the Republicans is that they could succumb to a variety of self-inflicted electoral wounds, the biggest of which would be apathy.


So yeah, this is a sort of ranty episode.

We can still all be friends in the end.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode, please vote, and please remember that pants are the devil.


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