The Morning Briefing: DeSantis Verbally Groin-Kicks a Reporter and It Is GLORIOUS

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Nobody ever lived in a yellow submarine.

Dealing with politics all the time can be dark and wearisome. I don’t mind the journey because there’s always a paycheck at the end of it, but still, it does have its tedious days.


One of my favorite things about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is that he keeps finding ways to bring fresh air to the news cycle.

And that fresh air is usually a hurricane-force wind that levels progressive nonsense.

My RedState colleague Sister Toldjah chronicled the latest DeSantis magnificence:

During a public appearance Tuesday in Miami to announce cancer research funding, DeSantis briefly took aim at the Biden administration for easing some of the U.S.’s sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, which DeSantis correctly pointed out will help no one but the dictatorships.

“I think we’ve seen this song before,” DeSantis said, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. “That is going to increase the amount of money that’s going to the dictatorship.”

At one point during the event, a reporter asked DeSantis how he felt about an outspoken Democratic state legislator and admitted socialist – Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith – recently comparing him and his administration to regimes like Castro’s in Cuba and Maduro’s in Venezuela.

DeSantis put on an absolute clinic in response, providing a good blueprint for other Republicans to use in the months ahead as Democrats continue their disturbing march towards socialism:

Here’s the clip:


Early last year I wrote that I wanted DeSantis to teach media relations to other Republicans.

Now more than ever.


I say that because many Republicans have a bad habit of blowing advantages because they are afraid of the leftist hacks in the mainstream media saying something bad about them.

Spoiler alert: they’re going to say bad things about you anyway.

DeSantis knows that he’ll never have a friend in the MSM. He not only doesn’t care, but he also embraces the fact.

He’s providing a how-to manual for the Republicans regarding media relations. If they pay attention to him they could be in for a long run of good fortune.

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