Biden's Inflation Spin Assumes All Voters Are as Dumb as Democrats

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In the 15 grueling months since Joe Biden was installed in the Oval Office, his handlers and apologists have had to do so much spinning for his failures that it’s a wonder that any of them can even walk anymore.


For the longest time, they relied on the same excuse all modern Democrats use: blame the last Republican president for everything. Even Team Joe knows that one is getting a little long in the tooth at this point, and they’re trying to branch out and find new excuses.

Spoiler alert: they’re not very good at it.

Along with their flying monkeys in the mainstream media, the administration has been churning out blame and deflection to convince the American people that the raging inflation we’re experiencing is everyone’s fault but Joe’s. Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the nadir of their deflection and excuse-making involved chastising the American people for not saving up enough to deal with the inflation. This was after two years when many were out of work because of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu.

It’s safe to say that Biden’s people will never be lauded for their ability to read the room.

The latest spin sees this clown car of an administration attempting to blame Biden’s domestic economic nightmare on Vladimir Putin.


In his remarks earlier Tuesday, Biden said Americans’ budgets shouldn’t depend on whether a dictator “commits genocide” in another country, an apparent reference to Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide a half a world away,” Biden said in Iowa, where he was unveiling a new rule on ethanol.


Fifteen months and Team Biden has already made more trips to the Land of Make Believe than Mr. Rogers did in the 33 years that he was on the air.

What we’re all supposed to be doing is pretending that gas prices, as well as the prices of all the other things we have to buy to survive, weren’t skyrocketing before Feb. 24, 2022.

There is a good reason that the administration thinks tactics like this are viable: Democrats really are that stupid.

A collective dumbing down of the Democratic electorate occurred when His High Holiness, the Lightbringer Barack Obama was sworn in back in 2009. The politics of emotion were enthroned and the Democrats have just been one long, bad episode of The View since then.

It was Obama and his people who began using Twitter hashtags in lieu of crafting coherent policy or acting decisively. Why actually try to do something when you can just post a picture on Twitter of Michelle Obama holding a sign that says #BringBackOurGirls? The Obama faithful lapped that up and feted him as if they were going to retroactively give him credit for winning World War II.

Biden and his people are under the impression that they can recreate the moronic magic, so they’ve deployed the Dem Twitter masses with the hashtag #PutinPriceHike. Kudos to this administration for always finding a new low in stupidity just when you think they’ve bottomed out.

Biden’s abysmal poll numbers reflect the fact that most American voters aren’t the paste-eaters that his devoted followers are. The moderates — both Democrat and Republican — who were duped by him in 2020 have had the cold water of reality repeatedly thrown in their faces and are now painfully aware that the flaccid emperor is butt-naked.


The Democrat elites remain blissfully unaware of this. In a recent column of mine, the director of the super PAC tasked with maintaining the Democrats’ House majority said that come November, voters will remember that Republicans are against “affordable insulin.” That was the best salvo she could launch in the face of impending doom and — I guarantee you — she really believes that.

The Democrats have been operating outside of reality for so long that they no longer have any sort of internal smell test for their ideas to pass. Just give the minions a hashtag to drool over and “Hey! We’re totally doing president stuff!”

It’s a comfort to know that the buyer’s market for what they’re selling is dwindling by the day.


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