The Morning Briefing: Biden's Fake Presidency Could Wreck the Dems For a Long Time

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let us all drunkenly pitch a tent of joy.

While I do worry about the damage to the U.S. Constitution our senile, alleged president and his puppet masters can do before November of 2022, I also relish the fact that his scorched-earth commie plan might relegate the Democrats to the backbench for quite some time.


Joe Biden is obviously too mentally broken to realize he’s brutalizing our freedoms. His compatriots in the Democratic Party are, however, keenly aware of what their Idiot King is doing to them.


In 2009, Barack Obama came into office with a filibuster-proof Senate supermajority—255 Democrats in the House to just 179 Republicans. Obama ended up frittering away his time those first two years trying to pass Obamacare — an ill-advised move that ended up quickly costing him his majority.

For Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2021, there is no margin for error. A 50-50 Senate and a margin of just three House seats has required a nearly unprecedented level of partisan cohesion. To get anything passed in a Congress with a united Republican Party in opposition means that virtual unanimity of opinion is necessary to achieve the party’s lofty — and ruinously expensive — goals.

Perhaps a more energetic president would have made a difference. Perhaps a smarter president would have been able to pass something from the party’s wishlist.

Alas for the Democrats, Joe Biden isn’t energetic or smart. As a result, his presidency is failing.

It’s beginning to dawn on Democrats in Congress that Joe Biden is not the sort of leader who can wrangle a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill through both chambers


The race is on to see what Biden obliterates first: his country or his party.

One is going to have to take a hit though.

This is a perfect time for Democrats in the heartland to take back control of their party from the fringe coastal commies who have it now. The Republic can’t survive if one of the two major political parties has gone off of an ideological cliff.

Cooler beads might prevail but I’m probably not going to hold my breath.

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