MSM Re-Writing of Biden's Afghanistan Tragedy Already in High Gear

Jason Minto/U.S. Air Force via AP

We have been watching the hacks in the American mainstream media prop up Joe Biden for a very, very long time now. Throughout his unremarkable decades in the United States Senate, Biden got the standard amount of biased favor from the MSM. When he was one heartbeat away from Barack Obama’s job, the MSM really stepped up and spent a lot of time pretending that Biden was more than just a goofy spaz.


Ever since he cemented the Democratic nomination for president last year, the MSM has been working 24/7 to create a fictional Joe Biden who is competent, thoughtful, and deserving of being the most powerful man in the world.

As Biden’s stunning incompetence was laid bare for all the world to see by the nightmare in Afghanistan, even his most loyal media lapdogs were finding it difficult to keep up the charade, which I covered in my Morning Briefing a full week before the horrific ISIS-K attack at the Kabul airport. Here is an excerpt from that:

We will no doubt soon be back to a place where all of the usual horrible suspects in the media are fawning over Biden’s every lazy drool, but he and his pals are definitely taking a bit of a break this week.

Well, less than a week after the tragedy at the airport, the break is over.

The professional propagandists in the MSM are now circling wagons I didn’t even know they had in an effort to revise the immediate history of our ignominious withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Our esteemed leader Paula Bolyard had this to say in a post she wrote recapping Biden’s bumbling speech on Tuesday:

The Biden administration desperately needs to pivot away from Afghanistan and his lapdogs will soon forget what happened there. If they mention Afghanistan at all after this week, it will be in the context of the Great Statesmen Joe Biden saving us from the Republicans’ endless wars. No matter how mendacious and despicable Joe Biden’s decisions, they’ll be forgotten in service of left-wing politics. The media will not let Biden continue to take the blame for what he’s done. The momentary reprieve we’ve received from the sycophants will be back, as will the incessant Trump-bashing and blaming of Republicans for everything wrong in the world.


It’s already happening.

In fact, it began with a soft-sell over a week ago in The New York Times. During a stretch of several days when almost no one in the MSM had anything good to say about Biden, the Times‘s Thomas Friedman penned a lengthy Opinion piece assuring us rubes that Joe Biden “could still be proved right in Afghanistan.” Friedman actually makes some valid points about a few things, but then does his Tom Friedman thing with nonsense like this:

And let’s also remember: When the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, iPhones, Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist. Flash forward to today: Afghanistan is not only much more connected to the world, but it’s connected internally as well. It will not be nearly as easy for the Taliban to hide their abuses from the world or from fellow Afghans.

Note to Tom: iPhones and social media aren’t going to be game-changers. The 2021 Taliban don’t care what the West thinks of them any more than the 2001 version did. The central flaw in any assessment of terrorist organizations by coastal media bubble elites is that they always presume that the jihadists have the same basic motivations as an American accountant in Poughkeepsie.

Friedman wrote that before Biden’s failure had a body count, though. Let’s see where a few of his cheerleaders are since last Thursday.

The Washington Post‘s permanently concussed Dana Milbank headlined an opinion pieceTrump voters should be loving Joe Biden.” From there, he proceeded to mention a couple of the Trump policies Biden hasn’t gotten around to rolling back yet, offering no proof that they’ll be kept in place much longer. Milbank also makes sure he participates in the newest narrative: Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal was just a victim of Trump’s circumstances.


An essential component of the Biden/MSM “blame Trump” narrative is the conflation of what Trump had planned and what Biden did, as if he were merely continuing a policy over which he had no control.

Cool story, bro.

But not true.

Strap yourselves in and get ready to read and hear “America’s longest war” in the MSM approximately every 2.7 seconds for the next several weeks. They’re deftly tapping into the fact that all Americans wanted that mess over. We just didn’t want the end of it to be even messier.

Over at The Atlantic, David Rothkopf swung for the fences in his first attempt at post-death-toll revisionist history:

America’s longest war has been by any measure a costly failure, and the errors in managing the conflict deserve scrutiny in the years to come. But Joe Biden doesn’t “own” the mayhem on the ground right now. What we’re seeing is the culmination of 20 years of bad decisions by U.S. political and military leaders. If anything, Americans should feel proud of what the U.S. government and military have accomplished in these past two weeks. President Biden deserves credit, not blame.

See that? He leads with “America’s longest war.” No reason to wait to get to the marching order talking points. Good boy.

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Rothkopf’s harshest criticism of Biden and the administration is that the early days of the withdrawal “could have been handled better.” He obviously thinks he’s vying for a Nobel Prize in Understatement.


Those who are fans of alt-history fare like The Man in the High Castle will love Rothkopf’s recapping of the last couple of weeks, which bears absolutely no resemblance to what we’ve all been seeing and reading about.

No examination of corrupt liberal propaganda media in America is complete without a visit to the eighth circle of Media Bias Hell: CNN.

In an op-ed posted on CNN’s site, Aaron David Miller spins so hard about Biden’s speech on Tuesday that I almost got too dizzy to walk after just the first paragraph:

Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the hit TV series The West Wing, once described the White House as the world’s greatest home court advantage. And President Joe Biden sought to use that home court Tuesday afternoon not to lay out the pros and cons of his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan as Barack Obama might have done, but to declare with vehement certitude and conviction as Ronald Reagan might that withdrawal was not just the best option but the only one consistent with the interests of the American people.

Many congratulations to anyone who had “Biden Is Reaganesque” on their media malpractice bingo cards.

Again, this is where they’re at mere days after our brave young troops were slaughtered in Kabul. The nation is grieving but these execrable jerks can’t take a breath and mourn them. They’ve got to get right to lying about the man who set the ball in motion for their deaths.


However long Biden ends up being in office, he will leave behind nothing but a trail of misery. No amount of spinning is going to be able to cover that up.

They’re not going to stop trying though.


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