The Morning Briefing: Anthony Fauci Is Unhinged, Untrustworthy, and Unqualified

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Fauci Should Never Have Been Hired

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m thinking of launching a mobile cat grooming/life coaching business.


It’s been a whirlwind week and I always like to try and finish on a high note. Those are few and far between some weeks, but the news that some Republicans have finally acquired enough spine to call for the firing of Dr. Anthony “That’s Not What I Meant” Fauci has put a little spring in my step.

Regulars here at the Briefing are well aware that I’ve never liked this guy. He rubbed me wrong even before he began to reverse his positions every seventeen minutes or revealed himself as an insufferable scold.

Maybe it’s the government job thing. No, it’s definitely the government job thing. Fauci has been at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since Richard Nixon was president. The federal bureaucracy isn’t known for attracting the best and brightest, and it certainly doesn’t foster an environment that encourages anything but mediocrity. As I’ve written and said for years, the federal bureaucracy exists solely to bloat and perpetuate itself. That’s it. Nothing else.

And Anthony Fauci has been part of that bloat for over half of a century.

Stacey has been doing some phenomenal work on all things COVID for us and she’s got some interesting things to say about Fauci in her latest deep dive, which I encourage everyone to set aside some time to read. She brings up the fact that part of Fauci’s long NIH history involved dealing with the AIDS crisis, which he also got spectacularly wrong:


After 15 months of nearly daily research, listening to the doctors and researchers that the corporate media and health bureaucracy turned into heretics, and getting censored or forced to retract content based on politicized fact checks, I have hundreds of questions for Dr. Fauci. At this point, the one I am most curious about is how the man who botched the response to the HIV epidemic in colossal ways became the darling of the Left and then became part of leading the nation through a pandemic again.

There are at least three parallels between the HIV epidemic and COVID-19. First, when Dr. Fauci began talking about asymptomatic spread for COVID-19, he created a panic that shut down schools and businesses, put diapers on people’s faces for more than a year, and made many Americans view their fellow citizens as mortal threats. Yet, in January 2020, he told reporters that asymptomatic spread was not a driver of respiratory viruses.

Significant transmission of this kind would be unprecedented. It is not something that drives other respiratory viruses, even other coronaviruses. The assertion requires an extraordinary explanation, which has never been given. It would mean this was a virus where individuals could carry sufficient viral load to transmit without ever suffering symptoms. From the perspective of infectious disease science, this idea is absurd. Yet, Fauci and others still use this assertion to keep unvaccinated citizens in masks indoors and outdoors.


Stacey spends a lot of time picking apart Fauci’s myriad blunders. When one considers the adulation he’s given and the power he has, it all begins to read like a horror tale. Only in a — you guessed it — bloated bureaucracy can someone who screws up on such a grand scale be given even more power even though there was no indication that he learned anything from earlier mistakes.

Here is Stacey’s conclusion:

Dr. McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, and others have asserted that if the health care bureaucracies had embraced the outpatient treatment guidelines that showed clear signals of benefit across multiple observational studies, COVID-19 deaths could have been reduced by 50% — just like the senseless deaths from PCP. Someone should really ask Dr. Fauci about his persistent disdain for safe, effective, and inexpensive generic drugs. There might be an interesting answer or two.

But perhaps most importantly, we should ask why this man, who was wrong about everything in the 1980s, continued to be promoted and was tapped to lead a second pandemic. Then we should insist on term limits for bureaucrats, even more fervently than we do for politicians.

The most perplexing thing about Fauci’s COVID reign of error is that President Trump let him stick around in the first place. Trump wasn’t exactly known to suffer bureaucratic fools gladly, and it was obvious fairly early on that there was some friction between him and Fauci. Just think of how different things might have been if Fauci had been thrown out on his ear and replaced with someone competent.


Fauci’s exalted status in certain circles is a sad commentary on the Democrats’ unquestioning reverence for all things government. That’s why they’re still OK with being spun around in a new direction by Fauci and his “experts” every other day.

That blind devotion almost made us “follow science” off of a cliff into oblivion.

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