I've Decided to Be Nicer While Being Mean to Joe Biden

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Biden Can’t Have Any Epiphanies So I’ll Have One For Him

Blame this on any number of things. Maybe I’m mellowing with age. Maybe the first dose of the vaccine is messing with my brain. I’m visiting family in Michigan as I write this so maybe it’s just that the cold weather has gotten to me.


I had begun a column critiquing Joe “President Harris” Biden and then set it aside for a couple of days. When I went to work on it this morning I immediately thought, “What the heck Stephen, you’re a little harsh here.”

I only refer to myself as Stephen when I’m disappointed with something I’ve done. About a week and a half ago I wrote a VIP column in which I pondered being nicer to people. I thought it might have been just a phase but it’s now obvious to me that this is something that is nagging me.

When one deals in partisan opinion politics writing from the opposition it is easy. I won’t be running out of material anytime soon. If I keep the irritation volume cranked up to 11 even I’m going to get worn out. The permanent rage factor from the Left during the Trump presidency was exhausting and I don’t want to be doing the conservative version of that while President Biden Harris Whoever is in office.

I do think that mercilessly mocking Biden is fair game. He doesn’t get a break because he’s old. Ronald Reagan’s age was constantly talked about back in the day and he was four years younger when he was inaugurated the second time than Biden is this year. That doesn’t mean that I should do it.

Many will continue to, even if I tone it down. It’s his wife’s fault. The Right Reverend Doctorly Doctor of Doctorhood Jill Biden decided that her husband should be on display at this, shall we say, vulnerable time of his life in the most visible job in the world, so this is all on her.


Here’s the thing about Biden though: he’s just too easy to make fun of. I’ve never liked the guy. He’s always been a spaz and I never found his verbal gaffes to be charming like so many others have. He was a gift that kept on giving for his critics even before his obvious recent decline. He may be the most powerful man on Earth now but he is also the low-hanging fruit that’s hanging underneath the low-hanging fruit.

I prefer more of a challenge.

A small shift in perspective is all that is really needed. I am never going to like anything about Joe Biden. His personality, his politics…he’s all just one big bag of awful to me. However, the people I really don’t like are the ones who conspired to lure him out of his basement and get this national nightmare rolling, especially the thoroughly corrupt media members who have somehow managed to become even more irresponsible than they were when they were lying about President Trump every day for four years.

If the journo class wasn’t polluted with soulless people who are focused on destroying America I might almost feel sorry for them. We are only a couple of months into this Great Biden Presidential Charade of 2021 and they’ve already had to carry backbreaking amounts of water to cover for his monumental ineptitude. The border crisis alone probably has everyone in the MSM shoveling Xanax into their mouths by the fistful.


For example, Matt writes that the cages that the press wouldn’t stop shrieking about when Trump was in office are now being referred to as “pods” and oh, by the way, we’re now supposed to pretend they aren’t packed with kids. A deftly employed euphemism or two and — PRESTO! — the humanitarian crisis is gone!

Do you believe in magic, indeed.

Even with a press corps full of people in Team Biden cheerleader outfits, the administration is still afraid of too much exposure:

Circle back, Jen, circle back.

Just about everyone in the Biden universe is worthy of more ridicule than he is so I should be able to keep plenty busy with that. What’s even more important is that I will be able to more or less stay on brand while doing it. I don’t relish watching the president of the United States fall apart in front of us. It’s cruel what his wife (did I mention that she’s a doctor?), the Democrats, and their media mouthpieces are forcing him to do. It feels like so much piling on when going after him personally now.

I can rein that in and still have a little spring in my step while going after other people who deserve it.


Welcome to the partially kinder, somewhat gentler, Stephen Kruiser.

No, I haven’t hit my head on anything. I believe this is called “evolving.” I hope it sticks.


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