The Morning Briefing: Commie Idiot AOC Is Still the Dumbest Bartender in America

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AOC Doesn’t Know What Any Words Mean

Happy Friday, fine Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Mark my word, leisure suits are going to make a comeback.

Like so much of what I write about lately, today’s topic was inspired by one of the VIP Gold live chats that Stephen Green, Bryan Preston, and I do every Thursday. We cover a lot of ground during each one and I often find myself thinking, “I should write about that.”  We spent a little time during the most recent episode talking about our least favorite ditz from the Bronx — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Squeaky hasn’t been in the news as much as she likes lately because America has been rather preoccupied with plague and election stuff. She’s been lurking though, waiting for the briefest of lulls in any news cycle so she can painfully remind sane people that she’s still here.

The little commie hit Instagram on Thursday to share some of her trademark insanity. She did it with the earnestness that she uses as a smokescreen to cover up the fact that she just isn’t very bright. It works on the morons in the mainstream media — they all think she’s brilliant. Duping that lot isn’t a difficult feat though.

The stupid was dripping off AOC as she went on about the “liberation of the southern states,” which Stacey wrote about and mocked in a most entertaining fashion. There’s a video in the post and, as Stacey said, it’s all the more hilarious hearing AOC say this stuff. It’s truly stunning that so many people think she’s clever. Whenever she speaks she reminds me of a 5-year-old who’s just learned a new word and keeps misusing it all the while thinking she’s smart.

As is typical with one of these AOC deep-thought sessions, the first ridiculous thing she says is rarely the most ridiculous. She has an inexhaustible supply of inanity and likes to build during an interview or speech. Her whopper yesterday was suggesting that the government get involved with reining in “our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.”

Of course, when a commie says “disinformation and misinformation” she means any truth that’s countering the disinformation and misinformation narrative she’s peddling.

The creep factor of her casual state-run media suggestion is off the charts.

Here’s Stacey’s summation of this most recent episode of AOC’s Brain Cell:

So first, Ocasio-Cortez wants to “liberate” southern states run by Republicans. Then she wants to drag her political opponents in front of a tribunal for some bizarre struggle session. Finally, she wants the government to rein in the media. Quite the little revolutionary there. Fidel Castro would be proud.

Every time she opens her mouth, her complete ignorance of history, economics, and even current events shines through. All we can hope is that Ocasio-Cortez stays the mouthpiece for the House Democrats until 2022 and remains convinced that some large swath of America wants to persecute their political opponents. Until then, she doesn’t need to worry about those red southern states. We’re doing just fine.

What we were discussing during our live chat is the truly frightening aspect of all this. Democratic leadership in the House is ELDERLY. It’s an octogenarian shuffleboard-fest over there. The Pelosi wing won’t be around long. AOC is 31, going on a very stupid 14. She’s going to be polluting the American political landscape for a while. It’s a safe bet to say that no matter how long she’s around, she won’t get any smarter or more mature, especially if the media keeps feting her as the heart and brains of the new Democrats. This is a woman who obviously loves reading and believing her own press.

So we’ve got that to look forward to now.

Gave a great weekend!

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