The Morning Briefing: Mainstream Media Covering Trump Needs to Swap Diapers for Big Boy Pants

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Media Toddlers Need a Timeout

Happy Tuesday to my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends.

By about 11 a.m. my time yesterday, I knew what the lead-in to today’s installment would be. I’d barely perused the news when I sat down with my coffee (I keep weird hours with this gig) and saw that our brave media was in a collective snit over the president.


I’m tired of these people.

My sister actually called me later in the day to confirm I was on the right track. She said, “I know I don’t pay attention to politics like you do but I just watched a little of the news and those media people who cover the president are really awful.”

I’m not even going to go with the usual “Enemy of the People” tag, even though it still applies, of course. We’ve been covering media malpractice a lot here at the Morning Briefing.

What’s been going on since Sunday is more pathetic than media malpractice. It’s a gaggle of emotional midgets in the midst of a snot-bubbling, diaper-filling tantrum that is utterly contemptible. I might be just a little sympathetic to it if they hadn’t been doing it for four years already. We’re beyond “Boy Who Cried Wolf” at this point—we’re in “let these miserable little brats cry themselves dry” territory now.

Exhibit A:

Yes, as Katie noted, it’s certainly been a precipitous fall from “We’re the bravest!” to “The president is literally trying to murder me, mommy!” I hope Ben doesn’t get a rash.

No media meltdown would be complete without perma-hack Jake Tapper, who began his on Sunday. There’s more to come from him in a moment. If there are any conservatives out there who are still insisting that Tapper is one of the good guys, please refer them to me so that I can bury them with examples to the contrary.


Monday’s tantrums split off into two separate ones. When Kayleigh McEnany announced that she had tested positive, the fragile White House media headed for the fainting couches en masse. One of the little emos anonymously stated that McEnany “recklessly endangered lives.”

How? By not wearing a mask while still maintaining proper social distance while you all were wearing them? I mean, unless they were physically molesting her off-camera after each briefing (looking at you, Jim Acosta) I can’t really see where the imminent threat of death is. In fact, I’ve just endured seven months of listening to the “SCIENCE!” people saying that merely wearing the mask was all one needed to be safe. “Wear the damn mask!” they’re fond of saying. It’s like a Captain America shield in their telling of the story.

Shouldn’t the masks they were wearing have protected them from the woman who wasn’t wearing one and not standing anywhere near them most of the time?

Has the media been lying to us?

The poor dears’ mental states had so deteriorated on Monday that they managed to be upset at the fact that the president of the United States was well enough to leave the hospital. Because these emotionally damaged little media kids need to have a visceral breakdown reaction to virtually everything the president does.

The media continued the foot-stomping because President Trump dared to tweet this:


He’s telling the American people to not live in fear and the media became apoplectic. It’s as if they’ve never heard of one of FDR’s most famous lines.

The media reaction to the tweet was predictable and almost looked coordinated. There’s a must-watch video of it here.

The 24/7 outrage over all things Trump from the mainstream media is beyond the pale. These irresponsible journos are threats to any number of freedoms and are actively working to usher in a regime that will truly be a threat to the Republic.

But hey, let’s all worry about their feelings.

Petty Tyrant Insanity

The responses to this are priceless.


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