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Biden Fans Upset That New York Times Accidentally Committed Journalism in One Headline

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How Dare They Besmirch Team Biden?!?!?!?

Here we go again.

As we’ve noted so many times since Jan. 20, 2017, President Trump has completely exposed the fact that the majority of the mainstream political media in America is working in cahoots with the Democratic National Committee on messaging.

Yes, the relationship is a very old, one but they used to at least try to be coy about it. In fact, half the fun of writing about liberal media bias was ferreting out some of the more clever ways that they would try and hide it. Alas, those days are gone and if The New York Times weren’t based in New York its editorial staff would probably be working out of DNC HQ in Washington.

The relationship has gotten even cozier now that Joe Biden is the nominee. He can’t really campaign for himself, so the MSM has been doing it for him. If he does win the election, the DNC and the MSM should probably take some time off and honeymoon in Niagra Falls together.

On the rare occasions when any member of the MSM accidentally stumbles upon a moment of journalism, the Democrats are not amused.

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My Townhall colleague Courtney O’Brien has a post today about the latest “How dare they!” media moment:

What’s this? An actual critique of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign? It’s true, and it’s found in none other than the New York Times. Biden hasn’t shown his face or answered many questions during this campaign season, to say the least. While the coronavirus can explain away some of his skeleton schedule, there’s no reason why the former vice president needs to go long stretches without talking to the press, or rely on scripts when he finally does hold press conferences.

In the wake of President Trump’s positive COVID test, it’s even more important that we know how Biden is faring, the Times argues. The Democrat revealed over the weekend that he had tested negative. But according to the Times Biden’s team has been way too “cagey” about his health this week. Because he was in such close proximity to the president at Tuesday night’s debate, the editors say he and his campaign needs to be more upfront about their safety protocols.

This moment is so rare that it finds even me in agreement with the New York Times. We can usually count those moments on one hand for any given twelve-month time period.

As I wrote in Monday’s Morning Briefing, questions about Biden’s health are just as valid as those about the president’s.

As the Biden campaign is almost devoid of substance (ORANGE MAN BAD is not a policy position), one of its senior members did the only thing they — or their candidate — know how to do: respond with dismissive snippiness.

More from Courtney:

The Times used Symone D. Sanders, a senior adviser for the Biden campaign, as an example.

“Much like I wouldn’t discuss our security plans here on national television, I’m not going to talk about our inner workings of our health plans,” Sanders deflected on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

The offended responses to the headline are precious — these people really are delicate.

The rare times we’ve seen Joe Biden on camera in recent months make it obvious why his team would need to circle the wagons whenever questions of his health are asked. The guy is just not doing well. A cover-up is most definitely in order.

Too often in the past couple of years, the Times has succumbed to social media whining by the Democrats, which is why this incident is worth noting. We’ll see if they stick to this one or if they will change it and send some “We’re sorry” flowers to the Democrats.

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New York Times Changes Headline After Dem Candidates Complain


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