The Morning Briefing: Kamala Harris Accidentally Reveals Her Dagger for Biden's Back

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President Harris Will See You Now

Happy Taco Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Mine are going to be steak tonight.

This most awkward and bizarre of presidential election years finds many of us questioning our sobriety and/or sanity several times throughout each day, and more frequently as we get closer to November. Sure, in the beginning of quarantine there was precious little sobriety to be questioned — at least in my house — but we did get around to it again. Then the universe kept turning up the “Weird” knob every day.


The Biden-Harris ticket is absolute gold for fans of the awkward and weird.

Everyone in America knows that Joe Biden isn’t going to be president for very long even if he wins the election. For a while now I’ve been convinced that the Democrats don’t have any real plans for him beyond Jan. 21st, 2021.

Kamala Harris is the one-woman progressive army that the Democrats are hoping to use Joe Biden’s centrist Trojan Horse to sneak into the White House. There has probably been more speculation in recent weeks about just how they’ll justify having Harris slip into the presidency than there has been talk about what a Biden presidency might look like.

When Biden was still vetting potential running mates, there were rumors that Jill Biden was put off by Kamala Harris’s naked ambition. If there is anyone who is going to take advantage of her husband’s nonexistent mental state after he is elected, Dr. Jill wants to make sure it’s her. Back in July, I wrote that Jill Biden wants to be “Edith Wilson 2.0.

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I stand by that. Dr. Jill was correct about Kamala Harris’s ambition too, though. There could be some very interesting power struggles between Harris and the Missus if Grandpa Gropes gets elected. The poor guy is really going to be in peril with those two cat-fighting behind his back while he plays with his Legos on the Oval Office floor.


In a move that no doubt got spit takes from everyone on Team Biden, Kamala Harris let fly with the Mother of all Freudian slips on Monday when she referred to the “Harris administration,” and then — because it’s 2020 and this election — made things even more awkward with her bumbling correction. Here it is:


“A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…”

You just know that this is part of Harris’s dream scenario. If she can’t step into the presidency right away, she can be the de facto POTUS while Drooling Joe does his figurehead thing. She’s probably already had cards printed up that say “Kamala Harris, President of the United States” that she keeps hidden for dry run fantasy time.

On a side note, both Biden and Harris have a disturbing cosmetic surgery squint going on that’s distracting to look at.

I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Harris has already put together a dream list of possible V.P.s for a “Harris administration.”

Watch your back, Joe.

Why Do They Keep Making Him Stand Outside?


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