The Morning Briefing: Media Won't Be Able to Prop Up Drooling Train Wreck Biden for 2 More Months

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Media’s Water-Carrying Days for Grandpa Gropes Might Be Numbered

Happy March 185th, 2020, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers. The pumpkin spice cultists are awake, which is a plague of another kind. We’ll get through this together.


Now that the conventions are in the rear-view mirror, the real campaign is — in theory — underway. We all know that President Trump has been waiting for this phase to start. On the most recent  “War for the White House” podcast we talked about how visibly energized he was by the RNC.

The Democrats are in a bit of a bind right now, however.

The Joe Biden situation is sad, but they’re still trotting him out there to become the most powerful man on Earth, so all attacks are valid.

The mainstream media has had a blast during all of the COVID drama, spinning a counterfactual Joe Biden story that was made easier to do because they were able to mostly keep him away from the public. Everyone in the media is quite used to weaving elaborate tales of fiction to cover for Democrats, but this year they’ve had the luxury of being able to do so during a presidential campaign that was happening out of sight.

What the media propagandists are tasked with doing now is making the American voters believe that the Joe Biden we’re seeing with our own eyes isn’t really a disaster.

I will give the media hacks credit: they aren’t shying away from doing it. It was plain to see after the way they spun for Biden’s slurring village drunk DNC speech that they are all-in on this sales job. They showered hosannas on a speech that was remarkable only because Biden was able to read at a fourth-grade level to get through it. Never has one man been so celebrated for doing the bare minimum.


The Biden show gets tougher to watch each day, and the only people who seem to feel bad for him are conservatives and Republicans. The Democrats and his family are willing to let him keep embarrassing himself in pursuit of unseating ORANGE MAN BAD.

 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The mainstream media is going to have to cover for more than just Biden’s inability to keep it together on camera. This addled idiot is all over the place on policy positions. In a world where the internet didn’t exist it might be possible to sweep things like this under the rug. Now that your partisan media friends like Yours Truly are a fixture, that’s harder to get away with.

Biden’s most recent star-turn in public was spectacularly awful:

While this hot mess was happening, the media and Never-Trump idiots were acting like Biden was channeling Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate.

I know how good the mainstream media is at doing propaganda work for the Democrats. I honestly think that those who have editorial control and those who toil in the bowels of the Democratic media machine didn’t really consider what they’ve taken on here.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Biden appeared to be gassed by having to just get through his DNC speech. The rigors of even a modified campaign trail aren’t going to do him any favors. English might actually be his second language before Halloween gets here, with Gibberish being the first.


The media’s back could very well break from all of the water it has to carry for this absolute disaster of a candidate.

One thing we can be assured of: the thoroughly biased media hacks will work until they drop to drag Biden across the finish line.

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