The Morning Briefing: Sorry Dems—'Trump's America' Is a Glorious Place

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The Real Trump America

Here we are at the beginning of another week, for those of you still using calendars. Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing folk.

The seventy-two hours following the finale of the Republican National Convention were certainly telling. Those of us on the home team thought that President Trump stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park last Thursday night, but that’s not surprising. We were going to like it.


The greatest indication of how effective Trump’s speech was is the reaction from the other side. The Democrats have been awash in flop sweat and panic from the moment President Trump wrapped up his star turn in a glorious fireworks frenzy last Thursday.

Our friends on the other side are so used to controlling the media narrative that this past weekend they went into a place only the drunken and concussed can go: they tried to pin the violence that’s become a fixture in progressive cities on President Trump.

The new rallying cry for the Biden Democrats now is that the civil unrest in the United States is “Trump’s America.”

No, really.

Two things are in play here with this narrative.

First: The Democrats think that the electorate is dumb enough to believe that violence in cities that are, and have been forever, run by them are Trump’s fault.

Second: They’re obviously in a dead panic now.

We all are aware that I have been the resident pessimist about Trump’s chances here. I’m feeling better after the way Trump acquitted himself last Thursday. His speech was extraordinarily presidential and the Democrats’ reaction confirms that.

After almost completely ignoring the violent civil unrest during the Democratic National Convention the Dems have now decided to spin the narrative into a tizzy and make it a Trump thing.



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In no way, shape, or form is any of the violence happening in America President Trump’s fault. Every Democrat alive is deliberately trying to tear this country apart and blame Trump for it.

The public isn’t buying the story to the extent they would like, hence the panic.

The Democrats who are responsible for the violence have decided to finally admit that the violence is real but they want to blame Trump for it.

As we were fond of saying in the small Arizona town where I grew up: that dog won’t hunt.

“Trump’s America” was a place of peace and prosperity before the Wuhan Chinese bat flu and the Democrat-sponsored civil unrest.

It’s going to be even better when he wins in November.

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Bee Me

The Kruiser Kabana

And I’m…not missin’ a thing.

2020 is a poker tournament played with a deck that’s nothing but the deuce of clubs.


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