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Michael Moore Puts Down His Sandwich Long Enough to Warn Dems About Trump Voter Enthusiasm

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Michael Moore Introduces Democrats to the Obvious

Professional troll and occasional filmmaker Michael Moore is trying to warn his fellow Democrats about the thing we’ve been talking about over on this side of the aisle for months now: nobody on the planet is excited about Joe Biden’s candidacy and Trump voters are redefining enthusiasm.

The Hill:

“Are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way Trump can win? Are you content with the trust you’ve placed in the DNC [Democratic National Committee] to pull this off?” Moore wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

“I’m warning you almost 10 weeks in advance. The enthusiasm level for the 60 million in Trump’s base is OFF THE CHARTS! For Joe, not so much,” he added. “Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!”

Moore was one of the few Democrats who predicted the 2016 Trump upset, so they may want to listen to him.

They probably won’t though.

As I wrote in my most recent column, the Joe Biden we are hearing and reading about every day isn’t real. The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media are currently involved in writing one of the greatest works of political fiction in history. In their story, people are enthused about Joe Biden. Just read the reviews of his speech at the DNC. He slurred his way through a sleep-inducing piece of nonsense and they were acting like he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR combined.

DNC Night 4: Biden Manages to Clear Low Bar, Media Weeps Tears of Joy

They’ve been spinning the Biden tale so earnestly that they actually believe it. So yes, Mr. Moore, they are certain that Trump can’t win.

In fact, several colleagues of mine and I have been marveling at the fact that it seems as if the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from 2016. They put complete faith in the polls. They still think that celebrities are the key to energizing the electorate. I’ve been saying that the reason the DNC had such underwhelming production value was that they were convinced that the mere presence of a celebrity hostess every night would mesmerize the masses.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Moore’s post said he was trying “to provide the reality check again,” but that’s pretty much a Sisyphean task when dealing with people as reality-averse as Trump-era Democrats.

I’ve been rather pessimistic about the election thus far. It’s gotten better since the RNC last week, I will admit. Prior to that, the only thing keeping me from hitting the hard stuff for breakfast was the obvious enthusiasm gap. Trump was inspiring large primary voter turnouts. People don’t need to show up in the primaries to vote for the incumbent, but they did. It’s not even fair calling it an enthusiasm gap; it’s more like an enthusiasm Grand Canyon.

Moore is a hardcore Bernie Sanders guy, so he’s more inclined to drop truth bombs about Biden. He’s probably trying to rally the troops because he knows all too well that it is the Sanders supporters who might just want to stay home. None of them are happy about Biden being the nominee.

 (Democratic National Convention via AP)

Moore’s angst and timing are a pretty solid sign that the RNC was the success that the media wants people to believe that the DNC was.

The Democrats and the media can spin all they want, but they aren’t going to be able to turn the wet dishrag of a candidate that Biden is into something that electrifies the voters. He’s had almost a half of a century to do that. There’s no miracle makeover waiting in the wings to change him.

Michael Moore can finish his lunch now.

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