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Is It Time for Joe Biden to Fire Kamala Harris? UPDATED

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The media can and will lie and say whatever it wants about the Democrat and Republican conventions. The media are among the least trusted people in America, so take what they say for exactly what it’s worth.

The fact is, the conventions offered very different visions of what America is and should be. The Democrats spent a week gaslighting and guilt-tripping America and describing all the ways you just may be a victim. The Republicans spent a week reflecting on America and offering leadership and hope, and showing you can overcome anything and become a victor.

As the campaign season gets going in earnest now, Joe Biden has a serious problem: His running mate is a dud and is not on the same page as him on the issue that’s likely to drive the campaign for at least a few weeks if not all the way through November. That issue is the deterioration and destruction taking place in several Democrat-run cities around the country. Public safety is becoming the number one concern of millions of Americans, who are buying guns in record numbers as Democrat mayors and governors abandon their primary duty to keep communities safe. Even CNN’s Don Lemon admits rioting and killing have become a bad look for the Democrats.

Joe Biden finally — finally — came out Thursday and admitted the same. In a Twitter video, laced with the left’s usual calls for racial division, Biden said “Protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary. But burning down communities is not protest. It’s needless violence — violence that endangers lives. Violence that guts businesses, and shutters businesses, that serve the community. That’s wrong.”

He went on to quote the family of Jacob Blake, who, like the family of George Floyd before them, called for an end to the rioting.

The rioters aren’t listening—not to Biden, not to the families of Blake and Floyd, not to the families of those like black retired police captain David Dorn who have been killed in the violence.

But they may be listening to Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate.

Well. Here’s his running mate Kamala Harris doing the exact opposite.

Appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show, Harris said the violence (she and Colbert referred to the riots with the media’s euphemistic “protests”) will continue even past the November election. She said this as if she has some insight into who is behind organizing the riots.

With a smile on her face, Harris told Americans to “beware” because the riots are never going to end, and they shouldn’t.

“They’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop,” Harris said energetically. “That’s..this is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And, and, and everyone beware. Because…they’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November, they’re not gonna stop after Election Day. And that should be…everyone should take note of that. On both levels. That they’re not gonna let up. And they should not.”

“And we should not,” Harris added.

Who is “we?”

The following day, word that the riots are hurting him in the polls reached Biden, and he made the comments noted above.

About 30 Americans have died in the riots. The majority of those victims have been minorities. Countless businesses have been damaged and destroyed, and the latter are very unlikely to return to the communities they once served. They will die or they will relocate to communities where they believe it is safe for them to function and thrive.

These riots have done millions, perhaps billions, of dollars in damage and put large swaths of several cities in grave danger. Kenosha County, Wisconsin, for instance, called for help from Wisconsin’s virtue-signaling Democrat Gov. Tony Evers because its community was “under attack.” The county commission actually used that phrase — “under attack.” It called for 1,500 National Guard troops to help restore order.

Support not just for the protests but for Black Lives Matter itself is now tracking downward in polls, as Americans increasingly blame the openly Marxist organization for instigating violence. Victims of the riots, such as David Dorn’s widow Ann, are powerfully speaking out against what Biden calls “needless violence,” but which Harris encourages. Even Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is now at least paying lip service to restoring order. “Enough is enough,” Wheeler said.

Enough is not enough to Harris, though, and she is the Democratic nominee for vice president. Harris is now to the left of the inept Ted Wheeler and sidling up to antifa. That’s not a good look.

Additionally, Harris gave Biden no benefit in the polls, and their convention was such a dud that it provided Biden no post-convention bounce. This is almost unheard of.

In terms of her policy positions, Harris’ sponsorship of the Green New Deal puts every energy-producing state in the country in jeopardy for the Democrats. Biden wanted to be competitive even in places like Texas. With Harris’ anti-energy position, her anti-Second Amendment position (while millions of Americans believe they must arm themselves), and now her open and smiling support for the riots plaguing cities across the country, she has become a significant liability. And we haven’t even discussed her role in unjustly incarcerating people, mostly black men, on non-violent offenses and suppressing evidence that may have finally settled a controversial death penalty case.

Biden painted himself into a corner on his running-mate selection, first declaring he would choose a woman and then narrowing that to a woman of color, rather than choosing based solely on qualifications and merit. This unwise course has served to diminish Harris as his running mate, putting an asterisk on the achievement. He may have also painted himself into a corner on whether or not he should, or even can, replace Harris now that it’s clear she is liable to run rogue and support riots — and cause further problems for Biden’s chances to win the White House.

Update: Harris made the statement above in mid June. By that time the riots had already become violent. Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan had already ceded part of her city to antifa, and lawlessness and violence ensued. Portland was already in the throes of what would become months of violence. The media at that time continued to mislead with its reporting on “mostly peaceful protests” which were devolving into more and more violence.

At that time, Kamala Harris was already promoting a group that was bailing arrested protesters out of jail. Harris has chosen leave this tweet in her timeline, even as she tweets against the violence now.

By the time Harris made the above statement on Colbert’s show, several Americans had already died in the riots and looting, including retired police captain David Dorn. It was clear the riots were already destroying our cities and tearing the country apart. It was in this already obvious context that Harris said the “protests,” which had already become deadly, would never stop and should never stop.

Nevertheless, she did not make the statement in August. It was in June, when she could have shown leadership and saved American lives, property, and whole cities from mob violence.

She did not. She made the above statement instead.

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