The Second American Civil War Has Already Been Fought and Academia Won

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Civil War 2.0 Has Come and Gone

As American cities that have been longtime bastions of Democratic party rule continue their toilet-swirl into prolonged chaos, many are asking if this is finally the tipping point for the beginning of a second American Civil War.


The ideological divide in this country has reeked of irreconcilable differences for some time, they’re just manifesting themselves a bit more acutely right now. I’ve been advocating for cutting the lib cesspool cities loose but not because I want to avoid future conflict with them or I don’t think they’re worth saving. As my headline indicates, it’s because I believe the war has already been fought and those cities are lost.

Demonstrators start a fire as they protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We have arrived at this powder keg point in American history precisely because that’s where Academia and public education have been steering generations of our young people. I wrote a short book about it in 2013 (updated in 2018) that was humorous in tone but still acknowledged that it was a serious subject. In it I detail how and why liberals try to get their commie little hands on American kids as early as possible. They indoctrinate and groom them from pre-K through high school, then they weaponize them in college.

The weapons have been deployed.

The premise of the book is that it’s the thoroughly unhinged radicals from the 1960’s who took over education at all levels in this country in order to build their army. They may have been a loud group back then, but they were still a fringe group. Now they have most of the Millennials and the Gen Z kids out there doing their bidding. It also explores the participation trophy environment that modern academics created. These kids hit adulthood feeling as if society owes them something just for showing up.


When they don’t get it they act out.

The fact that officials in these turmoil-plagued cities are abandoning law and order to side with people they should be having arrested is all the indication we need to see how far gone what conservatives think of as America is.

Different War, Different Battleground

The second Civil War that was waged wasn’t for physical territory, but for the hearts and minds of America’s young people. It was a brilliant long game that was played right in front of our faces but went largely unnoticed until recent years when the anti-free speech “safe zones” began springing up on campuses and mini riots broke out every time a conservative speaker was booked for an appearance at a university.

We are now seeing the rise of a young electorate that is very comfortable with socialism and will soon be seizing political power. The meteoric rise of the all-mouth, no-brain Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all the chilling evidence you should need to see how lost young voters are. In a very short time, she has become the conscience of the Democratic party. The Elders of the Village all kowtow to her, living in constant fear of what kind of damage her camera-seeking mouth might do.

Her thoroughly indoctrinated peers believe nonsense like this without question:


Yes, there are millions of educated young Americans who believe her assertion that municipal police forces are not only equipped with tanks, but are being “given extra tanks.”

It’s tough to battle that kind of stupid.

Holocaust Survivor Nominates AOC for ‘Nobel Prize in Stupidity’

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Bernie Sanders has been in politics forever but wasn’t well known until his spiel about free tuition and free health care began falling on ever more indoctrinated ears. In the 2020 campaign, he upped his game and promised student debt forgiveness. Debt that was incurred making socialist academics rich while preaching the evils of capitalism, in case you’re wondering how well they fight this war.

“But they’ll grow out of it…”


There was — ok, still is — a prevailing theory that once these starry-eyed young socialists got out in the world and started paying taxes and having children that they’d at least shift to the moderate center, if not become conservative. I subscribed to this for a very long time and it was true for a while. Most of my conservative friends were liberal when they were young. I am an anomaly for never having experienced a wandering liberal phase in my youth.

As more and more of the Civil War 2.0 youth hit adulthood, however, a point of diminishing returns was reached. A greater number remained avowed leftists and began feeling strength in numbers. They were also encouraged to remain immature longer, thereby being easier to manipulate.


He may have been stealthy about it, but Barack Obama was our first modern progressive president. He fought the long game war very well. One of the biggest selling points of Obamacare was allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance policies until they were 26, thus delaying any real adulthood that might push them rightward.

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A New War on the Horizon

This war may have been lost but that doesn’t mean we’re done forever. Priority One is getting President Trump re-elected. I’ve said publicly and privately in recent weeks that if Biden wins it will mean the complete triumph of the public education indoctrination mills. And by complete, I mean almost irreversible.

Oddly, the plague has opened the door to perhaps starting to reclaim education again. Forcing universities to go online almost overnight and provide learning materials that didn’t cost $200 a pop really exposed what a scam higher education is. Conservatives — especially elected officials — need to seize the moment and begin having a conversation about radical change in higher education.

Even more exciting, interest in homeschooling has greatly increased. That gets kids out of the indoctrination mills altogether.

Lastly — and this is something I’ll be writing about either in Friday’s Morning Briefing or a column this weekend — President Trump and other Republicans are actually talking about school choice again. That’s a winning issue for Republicans because it’s also popular with minorities in inner cities. There is a real opportunity for the GOP break that stranglehold that the Democrats have on minority voters there. Unfortunately, it’s gone by the wayside in recent years. The president has mentioned it from time to time but the party hasn’t pursued it as doggedly as it should.


School choice makes the teachers’ unions lose their minds, which lets you know that you’re on the right side of the issue. A key component to reversing the effects of Civil War 2.0 is to weaken the teachers’ unions, which are all-powerful Democratic lobbies and pure, pure evil. The dream would be to abolish them but…baby steps.

The war in public education may have been one-sided until now but we do have a real opportunity for pushback amid all of this chaos. I know that I seemed rather final about things at the beginning of the column but I like to begin emphatically, then talk (write) myself down a little.

Once the more grown up liberals in the “defund the police” cities have to deal with the consequences of letting the lawless kids run amok, they’ll want to rejoin America. The problem of the indoctrinated young ones will remain, however. Our best hope is to make sure that there are fewer of them out there in coming generations. We’re not going to be able to undo the effects of Civil War 2.0 overnight but if we acknowledge what happens, remain vigilant, and work to affect change all hope is not lost.


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