The Kruiser Kabana Episode 40: Memorial Day Recap and My Mask Rant

I had to ad-lib a bit for the first episode of this week. My friend and colleague Kira Davis was supposed to have joined me to talk about Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s “you ain’t black” comment from last week but we both forgot that Monday was a holiday for normal people and that messed up the schedule a bit. She will be my (first repeat) guest on Friday’s episode. Joe Biden will still be a moron then, so we will have plenty to talk about.

I also mentioned how un-patriotic and utterly shameful the idiots over at The New York Times were over the solemn holiday weekend. I expanded upon that in my latest column:

It’s as if their target audience is every foreign enemy of the United States.

The editorial board at the Times is made up of people who, quite frankly, don’t get out and meet real America much. When they’re offensive to conservatives we know it’s part of the mission statement. This Op-Ed, though, seems like they’re even out of touch with mainstream Democrats.

I am a veteran New York Times-basher and this was a new low for the paper.

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Let’s meet back here on Friday, shall we?


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