The Morning Briefing: Bernie Says His Dumbest Thing Yet

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Bernie Sanders’s appeal has always been lost on me. It’s not just a political thing, either. He seems mentally unstable on his best days, ranting and raving about the “oligarchy” with that stupid accent of his. Everything about him irritates me.


I’m starting to get a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach about Sanders. After the last election, we know that anything can happen. My New Year’s fear is that Joe Biden will finally implode on the campaign trail and show up on stage at a rally wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and carrying a chicken. That’ll probably be too much for even the Democrats and they’ll start looking to the next in line, which has been Sanders since the beginning of the year.

The thought of Sanders in the White House truly frightens me. His politics are warped, un-American, and really shouldn’t see the light of day outside of an insane asylum.

Sanders probably says more stupid things in a day than any politician not named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and no one in the press ever calls him on any of it.

Monday night, Sanders was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN when he said perhaps the dumbest thing he’s said yet during this campaign:

That’s right, he said Trump taking a terrorist off the board is just like Vladimir Putin assassinating his political rivals. The sane reaction to that is, “ARE YOU CONCUSSED?” but Anderson Cooper just sits there mutely as if he’s listening to the Buddha teach.

Heaven help us if this guy ever gets within sniffing distance of the Oval Office.


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