The Morning Briefing: Amazon's Merry Christmas Bad News for Sanders, Warren, and Proggieland

Packages move down a conveyor system at the Amazon Fulfillment Center on Feb. 9, 2018, in Sacramento. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Delivering Glorious Amounts of Capitalism and Probably a Trump Victory

While watching the Democrats run to the leftmost reaches of political insanity on their way to 2020, one of the more perplexing repetitive themes from progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has been portraying Amazon as Satan incarnate.


They complain about Jeff Bezos being wealthy. They complain about wages. They complain about working conditions.

Show me on the doll where Amazon hurt you.

When Amazon first came up in a debate (I believe it was Sanders in Round 1), I remembered how apoplectic the Left becomes every time President Trump singles out an American company by name. Eh, what would politics be if everyone weren’t awash in double standards?

The good news for America, capitalism, and every sane person who doesn’t want to see one of the socialist loons become president, is that Amazon is weathering the attacks just fine.

The New York Post:

Amazon’s “record-breaking” holiday season drove the stock up 4.5% on Thursday and helped lift the Nasdaq composite index above 9,000 for the first time ever.

The e-commerce giant led by multibillionaire Jeff Bezos claimed oodles of items were ordered worldwide — leading to a banner holiday sales season that saw a record number of holiday customers sign up for its annual membership program known as Prime.

There are layers of deliciousness in this news. The first is that it made Amazon’s stock price jump, which makes Jeff Bezos even richer on paper, and that triggers the progs.

It also clearly indicates the stark disconnect between the real world and the guaranteed applause points at the progressive rallies of Lizzie and Bernie. While the two of them are demonizing one of the greatest success stories in the history of all-American capitalism, hundreds of thousands of people are working for Amazon and millions more keep spending money with the company.


We do that because Amazon provides choice, service, and competitive pricing — all of which are either anathema or a mystery to progressives.

Once again, the desires of actual Americans and progressives aren’t converging, despite what the media may tell you.

The most important takeaway from Amazon’s big Christmas is that this economy is still humming along. Every American over the age of ten knows that the economy is a Mt. Rushmore-sized Achilles heel. They spent most of last year hoping for a recession, and now they know that’s not happening. The best they can hope for is a tepid economy.

Evidence that American voters are shoveling cash at Amazon is perhaps the worst Christmas present they could have gotten.

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