Confirmed: Delivery Drivers Admit to Sneaking Tastes of Your Food

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The temptation to grab a few french fries from the bag when bringing an order to a friend or family member has overcome the best of us at times. It turns out that even those who deliver food for a living aren’t immune either.


A disturbing new study that will have you spending more time in your kitchen rather than opening an app and ordering in for the night reveals that more than a quarter of the delivery people who responded admit to grabbing a taste of your dinner.

NBC Chicago:

A recent survey conducted by restaurant food supplier US Foods examined consumer and delivery worker “habits and pain points” when it comes to both ordering and delivering meals.

The data revealed some unique insight as to how long people will actually wait to get their food, attitudes toward tipping and more. Unfortunately, it also revealed some unsettling stats. For example, out of nearly 500 delivery workers surveyed, more 25% said they’d munched on food from an order.

There are all sorts of concessions the average American will make in the name of convenience, but having Sparky the Delivery Dude fondling the side dishes before delivering them goes way too far.


The original survey was kind enough to ask if the consumers would find this upsetting:

(Image: Screenshot)

It would appear that we are not fans.

If restaurants do move to the tamper-proof packaging consumers clearly want, those costs will be passed along to us.  Those of us dumb enough to overpay for delivery services in the first place (“Present”) will no doubt prefer coughing up an extra buck or two to ensure that our grubby fingers and saliva are all that touch the meal.

Until then, we are all this girl:



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