WaPo Defends Mueller's Honor While Questioning His 'Acuity'

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Since Robert Mueller’s testimony concluded on Wednesday, Democrats and the mainstream media have responded to any criticism of the special counsel with a reminder that he’s a Marine veteran. While it’s nice to see the left become fans of the military for even a day or two, it’s rarely sincere.


On Saturday, The Washington Post published an article that praised Mueller but also not-too-subtly attacked his present-day mental sharpness.

Titled “Mueller’s team told Congress his acuity was not an issue. Some lawmakers privately worry it was,” the article immediately set up the tightrope it wanted to walk:

The whispers started in 2018, though where they originated remains unclear: Robert S. Mueller III, the taciturn Marine veteran leading an investigation of the president of the United States, might not be as sharp as he once was.

At least some members of Mueller’s team rejected the insinuation out of hand. Yes, Mueller was 74 years old. But he worked nine to 10 hours a day, attended every meeting with the team leaders he appointed and appeared focused and engaged in those interactions, two people familiar with the special counsel’s investigation said.

When congressional staffers, prompted by repeated media inquiries, asked Mueller’s team about his cognitive acuity, they were told — three separate times — that he was okay.

And then the real “whispers” begin:

After Mueller’s halting, sometimes confused testimony before two congressional committees Wednesday, some lawmakers are privately wondering whether there was some truth to the rumors — and whether they were right to force him to testify against his wishes.


Of course, this is all from anonymous sources, as are all “news” articles where the real intent is some form of character assassination.

Left with nothing tangible on which to pursue their maniacal vendetta against the president of the United States, Democrats are now reduced to blaming the messenger and attempting to kill his character.

Republicans and conservatives who were assessing Mueller’s testimony were excoriated for merely saying that maybe he wasn’t a hands-on boss. They weren’t implying that he’s senile. This article is barely staying within the boundaries of implication, it’s pretty much outright claiming that.

This is yet another clear lesson in just how quickly liberals will go from universally praising to trashing someone for whom they no longer have political use.

Mueller was expected to be a savior for them. When that didn’t happen, the Democrats were hoping that he would at least take a useful idiot turn before Congress, although he never once indicated that he would.

It took all of three days for the narrative to go from “How dare you!” to “Yeah, well, he’s probably a little addled.”


The irony in all of this is that it’s congressional Democrats who have lost their minds, and the public knows it. Having a member of Congress question your mental acuity is like having Keith Richards wonder whether you’re drinking too much Jack Daniels.

Nobody is buying what the left is selling on this issue anymore, and everyone with sound mental acuity knows that.


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