Pelosi All But Promises Higher Taxes if Democrats Win Majority

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It is presumed that the Democrats would like to wrest control of Congress away from the Republicans next November. They have been talking about the coming “Blue Wave” for months already, and there are certainly plenty of indicators that an overwhelming victory night may be in store for them.


One of them might want to tell their elder stateswoman to sit down and be quiet for a while.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been insisting that the Republican tax cuts are “crumbs” since the bill was first passed last year, reinforcing the out-of-touch elitist problem that plagued the Democrats in 2016.

On Tuesday she gave the Republican National Committee a very early Christmas present when she said she would like to “revisit” the tax cuts:

At a breakfast hosted by Politico, Pelosi was asked to respond to a new Republican ad that says if she becomes speaker, the California Democrat will institute a single-payer health care system and roll back the GOP tax cuts.

“The second part there is accurate,” Pelosi responded. “I do think we should revisit the tax legislation in … a bipartisan transparent way.”

Any American voter with an IQ above 14 who has paid attention to politics here for more than an hour in the last three decades knows that the Democrats’ definition of “bipartisan” is “Republicans cave and do it our way.”

Pelosi may be playing coy when it comes to single-payer health care but she may be the only prominent Democrat who isn’t being upfront about the fact that it’s what they really want.


Many have noted that all the Democrats have to do to enjoy the midterms this year is not be insane. Granny Babbles evidently hasn’t gotten the message.

The question, as always, remains what, if anything, the Republicans can or will do with these gifts that the keep coming their way. There’s recent polling evidence that the popularity of the tax cuts is helping change the minds of younger voters to favor GOP stewardship of the economy. The very wealthy Pelosi keeps telling middle class Americans that a thousand dollars isn’t a lot of money. The recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner was such a train wreck of liberal animosity towards non-coastal Americans that it was practically writing ads for the RNC.

History tells us that midterm elections favor the party not in the White House at the time.

After 2016, history also tells us that political parties shouldn’t rely too much on history.



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