Top 10 Media Tweets Criticizing White House Correspondents' Dinner

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The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD) — aka “Nerd Prom” — is generally a night where a bunch of not very clever people get together and tell each other they’re the cleverest people on Earth. If there is a Democrat in the White House, they kiss his rear end all night. If there is a Republican president, they savage him and everyone who works for him.


Well, they hire a comedian to do the dirty work, but they laugh at it all.

The 2018 went so far off the rails that many respected members of decidedly left-leaning media outlets immediately took to Twitter to express dissatisfaction with comedian Michelle Wolf’s “roasting,” in particular her treatment of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Here, in no particular order, are various surprising tweeets from the media, talking about the media.

1: “Cringeworthy”

When you’ve lost CNN…

2: True, But I Think This Every Year

3: Will the GOP Unwrap the Gift?

The RNC should already be cutting ads with some of the material from the WHCD.


4: Dead On

5: Well He Got the Last Part Right

There really hasn’t been any journalism going on, especially at CNN.

6: Sarah Is Tough

7: The Spirit Now Is “Unhinged”

The left replaced humor with snotty snark a long time ago.

8: CNN’s Intern Is Clueless

This one isn’t a critique. On a night when many individual CNN reporters expressed dismay about the dinner, the idiot running the network’s social media called the vileness that Wolf directed at Sanders a roast.


9: She Probably Thinks She Was Brilliant Though

10: Everybody Hates DC Reporters

Here is a reality that journalists who work in parts of the country that coastal media types don’t even acknowledge the existence of deal with all the time.

Here’s a bonus tweet from Bethany Mandel of The Federalist, who summed things up well:

I spent a lot of time looking over a lot of the #WHCD hashtag after the event and I can assure you that there were still plenty of “compassionate” leftists who thought it was all just grand.


This was a very good opportunity for the Republican Party to show Middle America what the Coastal Media Bubble people think of anyone who disagrees with them politically. As I mentioned earlier, they should be culling material from the WHCD and cutting ads already. That Blue Wave might not end up being so wavy if they do.


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