France Has Closed 20 Mosques Since December

(AP Photo/Francois Mori, File)

Via The Atlantic:

French authorities shut down 20 mosques and prayer halls they found to be preaching radical Islamic ideology since December, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday.

“Fight against the #radicalization: since December 2015, twenty Muslim places of worship have been closed,” the Interior Ministry tweeted.

Of the country’s 2,500 mosques and prayer halls, approximately 120 of them have been suspected by French authorities of preaching radical Salafism, a fundamentalist interpretation of Sunni Islam, according to France 24.

“There is no place … in France for those who call for and incite hatred in prayer halls or in mosques … About 20 mosques have been closed, and there will be others,” Cazeneuve said.


The extended state of emergency in France certainly has them moving more earnestly now.

While it is a shame the so much that’s awful had to happen before slightly more effective and serious measures were taken, that’s how it has to be in free societies.

It would be nice if the United States would learn from the tragedies that have befallen our allies overseas so won’t have to undergo a similar amount of tragedy (again) before we get serious (again). No, I’m not advocating a raid on mosques in America, I’m merely suggesting that it doesn’t feel like there are very many adults in charge here anymore.

This election isn’t really helping to assuage that unease either.


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