'Jason Bourne' Promo a Perfect Snapshot of Hollywood Hypocrisy on Guns

(Photo by GPA/imageSPACE)

Right around Independence Day, Matt Damon spoke to an Australian audience, pining for an Aussie-style national gun confiscation here in the United States.

Today, walking around my neighborhood, I saw this:
Damon Bourne


When it comes to social justice and whatever hot button progressive issues are raging at any given time, the film industry fancies itself as a great purveyor of a message. The makers of these films show up to awards shows dripping in designer clothing, jewelry and self-importance because they’re helping America to know important things.

Then there are action films.

Successful action franchises make a lot of money for the studios and the stars. Matt Damon gets around $25 million a picture to play Jason Bourne. There are two constants in successful action flicks: a brooding, one-dimensional hero and guns.

Lots of guns.

Suddenly, Hollywood doesn’t see itself as providing a message. It’s just pure entertainment now. While its stars spend off-screen time railing against the Second Amendment, they’re more than happy to provide the public with a lot of shoot-em-up fun on screen.

In an age when every syllable in entertainment is policed for possible offense, raging anti-gun leftists have no qualms whatsoever about making movies with heroes who love and use guns, messaging be damned. That “Bourne” poster pictured above is on the same block as the studio where “Dance Moms” is taped so a lot of young kids get to see it.


Does this make Damon a hypocrite or are we all just supposed to understand the difference between entertainment and reality?

I would be perfectly content with that difference if the awards shows weren’t so nauseatingly preachy.

If you’re going to make tens of millions of dollars to play a gun-wielding action hero, maybe just cash your checks and shut it, because the people making you rich are the very people you’re bad-mouthing.

If you really don’t think Americans should have guns, then work on your rom-com skills and take the pay hit.

Hey, they’re the ones trying to pretend the all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot is laden with social significance.

We are supposed to believe that the guy with the gun is just entertainment but the lady ghost chaser scientist is going to change a young girl’s life?

How drunk are they?


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