Have Symptoms, Will Travel: Brazil-Type Zika Shows Up in Africa

(AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

Via Reuters:

Tests show an outbreak of Zika virus on the African island chain of Cape Verde is of the same strain as the one blamed for birth abnormalities in Brazil, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

“The findings are of concern because it is further proof that the outbreak is spreading beyond South America and is on the doorstep of Africa,” said WHO’s Africa director Matshidiso Moeti.

“This information will help African countries to re-evaluate their level of risk and adapt and increase their levels of preparedness,” she said.

Zika was first discovered in Africa in 1947 and until the past year it was thought to cause only mild symptoms with no known link with brain or birth disorders. Researchers identified two distinct lineages in 2012, African and Asian.


You know what would be really awesome? Bringing half a million people into Zika Ground Zero for a few weeks then having them travel back home. But wait, the CDC has an infographic on how to stay safe during all of that.


Whatever you do, don’t for a moment think, “Things can’t get worse, can they?”


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